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How do you know when it's time to change nipples?

LO is 13 weeks and he's always been a great eater. He is EBF but takes some bottles at night or with the grandparents. The past week or so when my BF goes to give him the bottle he takes 1oz fusses and this can go on for an hour or so until I just put him on the boob. When my let down happens it's a lot and fast so I'm thinking the nipple may just be too slow? How do you choose a fast flow nipple? Mama needs some sleep idk what to do to help. 

Re: How do you know when it's time to change nipples?

  • I'm using the Philips avent bottles and their nipples have a size indicator on the side of the package. That's what I have been going by. I just picked up new nipples for 3+ months and my LO is 14 weeks. I haven't used them yet, but about to try them out. I followed the same chart and upped him from the 0+ Size to the 1+ Month size at 2 months and he did fine. 
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    My pediatrician said if it's taking them more than about 15-20 min to take down a bottle or if they are getting super frustrated nursing from the bottle it's probably time for the next step up. She said not to worry about the month indicators on the nipples are arbitrary and to just go off the cues your LO gives 

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  • LO wouod get mad if it came out slow. I have Avent bottles as well and each size nipple is based on their age. I haven't moved her up to the 3 month nipple because she drinks super fast a day I think it will be way too fast for her until maybe closer to 4 months. Maybe a trial and error, try out different nipples from the brand of bottles you use.
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