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cheetagirlcheetagirl member
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I need a d and c. The doctor said that they left some placenta inside me when i had my c section. I am bleeding and passing large clots even though i am on birth control. They can't get me in for a month. What can i do to wait and withstand?

Me: 35, healthy

DH: 35, male IF

Married 6 years on Feb  27th 2016. TTC since we got married.

Were going to go the adoption route, but decided to try IVF with donor embryos once or twice.

After 5 years of waiting, hoping, researching, doctors, etc we tried the procedure.

DS was born on 11-24-15!!

Re: D and c

  • PocoHRPocoHR member
    Ugh, I can't believe that. I hope they take their finger out of their a** and get you in sooner :(
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  • I would keep calling and asking if there are any cancellations or any other way they could get you in sooner.  My son need to see a specialist dentist and they said it was a 2 months wait, but he was in pain so I called every day.  By the 5th call they gave in an appointment in a couple days.
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  • This can put you at risk for an infection. As others said i would call everyday and ask about cancelations. If there is another OB practicr in your area I would also call and see if they would be willing to take you and have an earlier appt.
  • I had a retained placenta and had to go to the ER at 2 weeks postpartum. The clots were terrifying. They suctioned out a good 5-7 inches of my placenta. I had to follow up with my OB for an ultrasound to make sure it was all out. Thankfully they caught it in time so it didn't get infected. You had your LO what, 6 months ago? I'd push for an emergency appt ASAP. How do they know it's not infected already?This is a serious problem. Get yourself an earlier appt. I wouldn't wait.
  • Been thinking of you @cheetagirl updates?
  • Wait... they just now realized this after you gave birth in November?  I'm horrified for you.  That is too long to wait - I hope someone gets to you ASAP.
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