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When did everyone stop (or will stop) meds (progesterone, PIO, estrogen?)

I am on del estrogen shots every 3 days and PIO shots every day.  My dr is having me stop the day I turn 10 weeks.  They said by then the placenta has fully taken over and no need for the meds then. They said I could stop even earlier but they like going until 10 weeks just to be safe.  
Curious about others because I see a lot of people go until 12 weeks I think.

Re: When did everyone stop (or will stop) meds (progesterone, PIO, estrogen?)

  • tvh1982tvh1982 member
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    My last day was 9+6, so at exactly  10 weeks I stopped with both.
    Both my clinics (I went to get treatment in Denmark, and had all my check-ups in Norway...legal issue) said that's the way it is done as indeed placenta is taking over.
    They also told me that with a frozen cycle it is just a precaution as basically I had ovulated so my ovaries were doing their jobs. (As all my prior tests have been great levels)
    Today I'm 11+1 and saw full action on my us at 10+6. I was worried too, yet over the moon to stop taking them :smile: 

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  • Today, at 10 weeks, is my last day for PIO shots, Crinone and estrace! Like you, I'm concerned about stopping, but our REs know best, right? They are the experts and do this all the time. I asked my midwife yesterday about the placenta and she said it should be taking over now. I still have two boxes of crinone left, so I'm thinking about continuing it for another week or so but stopping the PIO shots and estrace.
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  • I will finish on May 1st @ 9 weeks.
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  • I was on estrogen patches, which they had me stop right when I got my BFP. I did PIO until 10 weeks. I felt nervous too but heard from others on here who also stopped at 10 weeks. 
  • I was told that I will finish at 10 weeks.
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  • Jerseygirl856Jerseygirl856 member
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    I stopped estradiol and estrace after my 3rd beta. I believed I stopped PIO at 8 weeks. I asked to remain on crinone for an additional week because I was nervous to just stop everything. 

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  • I'm an outlier.  I stopped estrogen patches AND crinone by 6 weeks.  I questioned my RE and they assured me they knew what they were doing.  :)  I was nervous but my progesterone level was 190 or so, so I stopped.  I guess they did know what they were talking about.  Both my little babes hung around.  :)  I took Prometrium until 13 weeks with my clomid cycle (1st pregnancy), so it surprised me - but my lining was also ultra-thin after clomid.
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  • I'm an outlier in the other direction... I stopped PIO and estrace at the end of week 13.
  • I was done with estradiol at 6 weeks and PIO at 12 weeks. However, they only had me do PIO every other day from 10 weeks on. 
  • I was done at 9wks. Had no issues. GL!
  • I stopped with progesterone at 8 weeks, but I had an IUI not IVF and the protocol for the two is slightly different. You'll be fine stopping. :)

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  • mclornmclorn member
    I feel like I was on the meds longer than most... 13 weeks I think.  IVF twins.
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  • I'm 8w5d.  RE says he'll take me off of estrace (oral) and progesterone (inserted capsule) between 10-12 weeks.

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    • SA: everything excellent
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  • Drove2uDrove2u member
    I just got got off PIO yesterday at six weeks, 1 day. Still on crinone. Going back Wednesday so who know if I'll get put back on PIO. 
  • I stopped at 10 weeks 3 days . I was so nervous to stop and was so scared I would see bleeding . 13 weeks today and doing good !! 

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    August 2015: IUI: BFP. Chemical pregnancy :(
    October 2015: IUI: BFN
    January 2016: Egg retrieval: 10 frozen embryos!
    March 2016: FET Cycle- 2 embryos transferred!: BFP !
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