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Tricare Standard Breast Pumps

I just recently switched from Prime to Standard and was curious about the breast pump coverage. Will it still be 100% covered? My lovely friend Google hasn't been much help so I thought I'd ask you all! Thanks in advance. :)

Re: Tricare Standard Breast Pumps

  • It should still be covered 100%. I am also on tricare standard and got the ameda pump completely covered with a prescription from my midwife back in August.
  • Awesome thank you!
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  • yup it will be 100% covered. just make sure you get a prescription from your doc and the prescription says that you need an electric pump.  then you can buy the pump you like and mail in the receipt and copy of the prescription (along with a form tricare asks you to fill out) for reimbursement: here's a link to more info on the tricare breast pump policy:
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  • A bit late..but I can help and would love to help any tricare moms get a breast pump....I ship pumps all over the world for tricare mommies...  let me know -Patty
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