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Being a stay at home Dad...

There are a lot more stay-at-home moms still then stay-at-home dads. However in this day in age, things are changing. With more and more women becoming Executives and having the better job in the family, dads are staying home with the kiddos.
 Is there any other stay-at-home dads out there on this site? What are your stories? How are you feeling?
 Since getting married, and having children I feel my old single guy friends avoid me like the plague. I find myself trying to make friends with workers who come to the house to do work, or talking with people who come to the door to solicit. Does anyone out there feel isolated after having children?
My baby is finally 9 months old and we are able to go out for hikes and explore zoos and such. But before now, I found myself watching bad soaps, not able to do projects because I didn't want to wake the baby. Gaining weight for the last nine months has been brutal! Now is the time to get out and lose it. I hope to start a daddy group here, and make new friends that are fathers with kids the same age. Are you a stay at home dad?  Tell me what your going through. I think we may have the same issues and can laugh about them here. Hope to talk with you soon. 

Re: Being a stay at home Dad...

  • There is a dad board!
  • I think the experiences you're going through ring true for stay at home moms too. I've lost contact with pretty much everyone and feel like I'm going stir crazy at times. I miss working, free time, and social interaction. However, the baby is getting all of my attention and she's only small once, so I'm just taking it in stride. Good luck to you and kudos for stepping up to the plate for raising the baby
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