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OB appointment before 8 weeks?

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Hey all,

I am currently five weeks along. Once I confirmed my pregnancy (via two HPTs and a missed period), I called my OB to set up an appointment. After some initial questions, they told me I don't have to come in until 8 weeks. I always thought there was an initial appointment to confirm the pregnancy via a blood test, do a general physical exam, etc. and then the first "true" prenatal appointment was at 8 weeks. 

I am a low risk, first-time pregnancy but waiting another three weeks to be sure everything ok has already been torture. Does anyone else find this odd?


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Re: OB appointment before 8 weeks?

  • It's standard to not have your first OB appt until 8+ weeks. My doc won't see you until you've missed 2 periods. I was 9+3 when I had my intake appt. Normally, the OB will take your word for it that the HPT was positive. In my experience, unless you have had previous losses, you're having cramping/spotting, or you have to have a referall to an OB from a PCP or NP, a confirmation pee test/blood test won't be ordered. 

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  • The only reason my OB had me come in for a blood test is because I had been on an extended cycle BCP before getting pregnant and never got a withdrawal bleed so my last "period" was 3-4 months previously.  I had a viability scan at 7.5 weeks (met with a PA, not an OB) and my first meeting with an OB at 10 weeks.  Prior to then, there isn't much to monitor and not much you can do if something starts to go wrong anyways.

  • I won't have my first ultrasound and orientation until I'm 8wk3days. I will see the doctor at 9wk3days.
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  • I went to my primary to confirm pregnancy via urine test. And to establish care, as I had just switched insurance plans. I didn't see my OB until 8ish weeks? Maybe 9? Then followed up with first trimester blood tests for genetic issues. Not seeing your OB until 8+ weeks is normal.

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  • I think it's common to not go in early unless you have a history of previous pregnancy issues (losses, etc).  My OBs office schedules an appointment to talk to the NP on the phone between 6-8 weeks, then an in office visit with the NP at 10 weeks, and first visit with the OB at 14 weeks.
  • With my first pregnancy I had one blood test to confirm after I called and my first appt was at 9 weeks which was just using a doppler. Subsequent pregnancies have been treated differently because of my history since the first one. There's really not a whole lot to see, and not much control you have over a pregnancy in those first few weeks anyway.
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  • We underwent fertility so I was sent for blood work when I got a positive then had an ultrasound at 6 weeks. I was told we got to go early because of fertility, but most women go at 8.
  • 8 weeks is standard.  You can go see your regular dr for a urine test, which I did the first time I got pregnant.  My dr's office just used the wondfo tests... so I paid a heck of a lot of money for that test!  The nice thing is they will discuss any questions you have and give you a referral for an OB if you need it.  It was kind of nice for a first baby, but not really necessary.
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  • I had my first appointment between 6 and 7 weeks, I don't remember the date exactly. All that appointment involved was a urine test and going over paperwork, a timeline of what sort of tests and appointments I'll have over the next 7 months, and of course the very short list of medications that are allowed.

    I did end up getting a prescription for blood work and a sonogram, but that was because of some concerning symptoms. Otherwise those and my physical wouldn't have been until my 12 week appointment.
  • The only reason I went in early was to do a dating u/s since I was still nursing DD2. 
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  • My OB's office wanted me to come in ASAP to confirm, and then I have the first Prenatal appointment in 3 weeks. I asked if I had to go in to confirm and they said yes because they like to go over some things right away. 

  • They had me come in to confirm it and this is my 4th. I went in on tuesday 5/3/16. I peed in a cup they said it came instantly positive and then set me up with my first ultra sound to confirm my EDD. I go in the 19th. Right now EDD is 12/31/16. But besides my 1st the last 2 came 2 weeks early!
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  • Apparently, this is the norm - who knew!  I'm about 5 1/2 weeks and got 2 strong +'s this morning so naturally, the first thing I did was call my doctor (I didn't even tell my husband yet, I feel like I need to confirm it with them.)  I had no idea that the urine test they do in the office is no better than any HPT you can buy at the store.  I was surprised at how blase the girl on the phone was about it (obviously, I'm not hyper-sensitive and in panic mode) when she said, "Yeahhh, if you want to be sure just take another at home and come see us in about 3 more weeks."  

    I guess we just need to calm the heck down!! :p   
  • This is my first pregnancy I'm 31. I had to see a fertility specialist to get pregnant but have never had any losses and I started seeing my ob at about 5 weeks and I'm 11 weeks now and I think I go once every other week but I have had some unexplainable complications
  • This is my first pregnancy I'm 31. I had to see a fertility specialist to get pregnant but have never had any losses and I started seeing my ob at about 5 weeks and I'm 11 weeks now and I think I go once every other week but I have had some unexplainable complications
  • Nope. That is normal. I have always had to wait until week 10 for my first prenatal appointments. The OB's reasoning so that a clear internal ultrasound could be seen. If you go to early and cannot see much, you tend to worry. They try to avoid the worry!
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