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water question for moms still nursing there tot

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My son is 20 months old 18 adjusted he was 2 mo early but he is still nursing three times a day give or a take a session somedays and he always has his cup of water available and he usually from what I've been noticing probably only drinks 6-10 oz. Of water. Does that seem like enough for A nursing tot I plan to ask pedi in our next appt. And I check his diapers he shows no signs of dehydration to my knowledge but just curious how much water your toddler is drinking if they are still bfing and if I should be encouraging him to drink more fluid I don't want to offer juice yet but I know if I did he would down it he does if i ask him to go take a drink he will run over and take a few sips. But still doesn't seem to drink much. TIA

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  • I stopped nursing DD around 13 months, and until just recently she would dehydrate herself if she could. I literally was trying different cups, pretending her stuffed animals were drinking, always getting more ice because she seemed to like that, and putting her cup to her mouth every 15-20 minutes to get the smallest sips out of her. For a while I think it was a control thing and she liked telling me no. She's gone a few days with about 10-15 ounces of liquid total. Suddenly, she learned the word thirsty and drinks a ton and asks for her cup. Thank goodness. Sorry I can't answer your question about if he's getting enough. From my research, dehydrated and the recommended about of fluids have a large gap in between. I was worried about weaning and really push to get fluids in her but she now can pee through a diaper in one pee sometimes which I know is weird from working in day care, so I would guess a lot of tots don't drink as much as they should.
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  • Thanks for your response!  Yea its hard to say how much fluid my LO is even getting I'm hoping enough since he is peeing and doesn't have a ton of constipation issues. He only nurses for like five to ten minuts a session and for a toddler he could be getting a good bit I wish I could measure it! Ha. Yesterday I think my son only drank like three ounces all day which is a lowrr amount than normal  but he did have an extra nursing session in the middle of the night. I don't know I'm just going to monitor it and make sure his diapers are wet and talk to dr . Thanks again!
  • I worked in a daycare as well we had a girl that used to do that she was a big drinker though! 
  • Thanks for the link crsanchez before I asked this I was looking for something off kellymom but couldn't find it! I'm not gonna stress it :)
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