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10 weeks and no symptoms

Hey, this is my first pregnancy and i just hit my 10 week mark today. The passed few days i have lost my pregnancy symptoms. I didn't have much to begin with, no nausea, heart burn once, some uterus cramping, and a few head aches. But my breasts were very sensitive. Now the sensitivity has gone down and I'm getting nervous. I have my first doctor's appointment next week. Should i be concerned or is this normal for symptoms to come and go?

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  • That's a very normal time for many symptoms to subside, as the placenta is fully formed and tends to take on more of the hormonal burden. It is normal for symptoms to come and go at any time, however. Enjoy it while you can, because it won't last ;)
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  • Its normal. I didn't have any symptoms other than tender/sore breasts, headaches and very mild heartburn. HOWEVER!!! The heartburn returned with a freaking vengeance towards 22 weeks and hasn't let up. Omeprazole has been my savior the last month!

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  • Count yourself lucky and don't worry! I didn't have many symptoms my entire pregnancy and all was good. 
  • I am almost 9 weeks pregnant and was also afraid of not feeling my symptoms anymore. My first appointment is next week but feels so far. No need to stress about this :) 
  • I threw myself into hysteria last week when my symptoms disappeared and I had so much energy when everyone was talking about being so tired. I went to get my bloodwork done and my betas were through the roof. As my nurse said, some days you will feel better than you ever have, some days you will feel like crying for no reason, some days you will want to kill someone for no reason. Its all par for the course. Don't let your heart be troubled. 
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    I'm 31 weeks and had no "typical" pregnancy symptoms and when I say none I literally mean 0 symptoms besides my period not showing up.. It's scary when you hear about what everyone is going through and you're sitting there with nothing going on. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. Deep breath and think on the positive that you're almost out of the 1st trimester. 
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  • Im 6weeks and I feel nothing and its down right frightening!! I have mild heartburn and PMS symptoms like you wouldnt believe but no sore breast or nausea. I pray we're the lucky ones and everything is okay!
  • What I did is start a thread in my bmb for mom's with no symptoms, and that way you ladies have a support group in a way. You'll be surprised how many other ladies have really no symptoms.
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    it's all G, don't you worry. a lot of women have symptoms come & go. 
  • I definitely would not worry. Every person is different. Symptoms definitely come and go, one week you have something and then you won't. You are doing great so far and be excited you aren't suffering too bad.

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  • I had no symptoms until my sacrum joint basically fell out of place. Apparently that's a fun symptom that normally occurs in the third trimester but between the hormones and the fibroid on the outside of my uterus, it happened in my first trimester. 
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