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EDD is today and im anxious!

Re: 5/10/16!!

  • Whoo! It's my EDD as well!

    Any signs of labor on your end?
  • I'm in the 5/10 club too! Hope we will all be in the "quick and easy labor, holding our babies soon" club :)
    I've been having prelabor contractions for a week and a half, but no real labor. Dr will strip membranes again at my appt today, so fingers crossed it does something this time!

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  • @DanandVan - Best of luck to you today!

    My next OB appt isn't until Friday, at which point we'll be scheduling for me to be induced early next week. I had a little false labor on Saturday, but otherwise only the standard aches and pains, so at this point, I'm guessing I have another week to go.
  • Me as well! Glad to know I am in good company. However, don't think this girl will be making her appearance anytime soon.
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