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first mothers day

What's everyone's plans for mothers day? Typically we spend the entire day driving down to my moms and then over to my husbands side. Since its my first mothers day I feel like I should have a special day all to myself. Am I being unfair?

Re: first mothers day

  • No!! We are doing a new DVD and dinner. If we can work it we will celebrate the Friday before and have a babysitter for L.

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  • Taking my mother in law to a minor league baseball game... Sigh. Not my idea of a good time but whatevs!
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  • banfrogbanfrog member
    No plans yet, but FIL will probably call Friday or Saturday night and inform us we will be expected to pack up all the kids to drive an 1 1/2 hour to a subpar buffet for lunch to honor MIL.
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    Not unfair at all. I'm in a weird situation this year because I want to have my own special day since it's my first, but it's also my mother's first Mothers Day since losing my grandmother this past February. I already planned on baking her her favorite cookies and bringing them to her with a gift in the morning, then having the rest of the day with my "little" family. DH just asked if we should also make the drive to see his mom They just had an argument because she lied and said she "always texts me and I always ignore her." The woman never contacts me. She also never makes any effort to see DD. So, not to be an a**hole but I don't want to spend my first Mothers Day faking it. 

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  • You're not being unfair! I still focus on honoring my mom (actually great aunt, but she raised me so she'sy mom), but it's definitely nice to be celebrated as a mommy as well ;)

  • Do what you want! It's your day, the only first mothers day you will get.
    My husband and father are going to join forces to cook my mom and I dinner. Flat iron steak on the grill, corn on the cob, Caesar salad and garlic bread. Its all about the food in my family.
  • banfrogbanfrog member
    DH came home from work on Friday and said 'let's go somewhere.' I asked him where and if he was serious then we needed to find a hotel. He booked a hotel and we packed up the whole family and spent the weekend vacationing. It was great! I got sick for part of Saturday, which sucked because it slowed us on our fun, but the morning to early afternoon was great and Sunday was wonderful. Nothing mother's day incorporated at all, just family vacation.....and I loved it!
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