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Hypnobirthing Classes vs Traditional birthing classes

hi ladies, anyone want to share stories of what you did, or what your planning on doing for birthing classes? I just started reading about hypnobirthing and just curious to hear your thoughts on this....maybe you had a friend that had a good or bad experience? 

Re: Hypnobirthing Classes vs Traditional birthing classes

  • Not sure what you mean by traditional classes. Lamaze? A lot of classes are just general and teach women who want all different types of birthing plans including planning to use pain relief or have a c-section. I took a Bradley method class and really liked it. It teaches you how to let your body handle labor on its own and for your OH to help coach and support you.
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  • Yes Lamaze, is what I meant by traditional I didn't realize other options like Bradley method? Maybe I will research that too. Thank you! :)
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  • I read both hypnobirthing and bradley method. I am an introvert and I definitely found the hypnobirthing techniques more helpful to me in labour. My SIL is an extrovert and she found bradley skills better for her. All women are different, but since you are asking for personal opinions, mine is that labor is painful anyway, but if you can find some distraction/relaxation methods that work for you, it may help when the time comes. Thats why i studied both, because you dont know what will work until you have to do it. I found in my early labour bradley techniques were better (distraction) and once i was in active labour/transition then relaxation was better. I would just literally stand still and deep breathe through each contraction. My SIL was the opposite though. 
  • Thank you! :) 
  • @clairemwalker I agree with the distinction you made between the two. I actually am an introvert, but knew I would have a hard time buying into hypnobirthing as would DH if I wanted any support at all. Our Bradley teacher did teach some hypnobirthing techniques I believe (focal points, meditation, relaxing breathing, etc.) that we both had a hard time taking seriously even though I'm sure it does help plenty of people. I liked Bradley for the education about the birthing process, ideas for positions to use, how to relax your body, etc. DH was not really a coach for me though. His job was to know our birth plan so he could deal with hospital staff and bring me things when I wanted. Otherwise, I didn't want people talking to me or touching me, but he was great at understanding that and helping keep others back when needed.
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  • Ceridwen77Ceridwen77 member
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    I didn't take any classes but did read up on Bradley method and hypnobirthing. Honestly once I was in labor everything I read went out the window because things moved along so fast and were so intense. I did have a doula, and she was priceless. Highly recommend a doula if it's in your budget. 
  • msuzannahmsuzannah member
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    I read both Hypnobirthing and the Bradley Method and I liked Hypnobirthing more. I liked how it was really encouraging about how our bodies can naturally do this and I prefer the meditation and breathing techniques for relaxation. I felt that the Bradley Method was a little more straight forward and could come off as a little harsh but it does a great job explaining the process and what your body is doing during that time. I would read both so you can decide what will work best for you. I feel like reading both really helped me come up with a hybrid plan that will really work for me! Good luck!
  • Thank you so much for your input! 
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