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What are your honest thoughts on the name Guy? It was my late FIL's name so I love the idea of using it, but I kinda feel it's like naming your son 'boy'.

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  • I don't see a problem with it.  It's not like it isn't a real name.
  • I personally think there are much better options. It's just NMS.
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  • I'd middle name it.
  • It's NMS, but I would find it very refreshing on someone's else's kid. Go for it!
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  • Maybe use his MN?

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  • I had an Uncle Guy. I actually really like it. 
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  • With the term "hey guys" so common right now it would drive me crazy personally. It's a fine middle name though. 
  • I wouldn't have the guts to use it, but I think it's kinda cool, and with the family significance, I say go for it.
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  • NMS but wouldn't side eye or anything. 

  • I wouldn't use it personally but I do like it and have a lot of positive association with it as a name 

  • I hate it but that's just me.
  • I seriously dislike 1 syllable given names
  • No strong feelings either way TBH- if you don't love it I would middle name it though
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  • NMS but I wouldn't side eye it
  • I have two friends named Guy. Personally, I would middle name it. 
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  • I only know the name  "Guy" as a nn for the Italian name Gaetano. If your family has Italian roots or it has some meaning to you, I see no problem naming someone Gaetano and calling them Gae (pronounced Guy). However, I do think it would be kind of strange to name someone Guy.
  • I know this in French, pronounced "ghee" which I love but haven't heard it in the US except Guy Fieri. Not sure I love pronouncing it "guy".

  • Not a fan but may just Be NMS 
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  • This is a cool name and with the family name it's definately a good choice!
  • Thanks for the replys everyone. Who knew choosing names is so hard.
  • NMS at all but I have met one person with that name 

  • I really like it and especially because it's a family connection. Very cool! I think it loses something in the middle name position.

  • bbiutmcph said:
    I wouldn't use it personally but I do like it and have a lot of positive association with it as a name 
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  • I like it!
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  • I think it's kind of strange. I know two, one with the American pronunciation and one French. The French pronunciation certainly sounds better but I'd just skip this name and find another name. Maybe your FIL mn?
  • I know one man named Guy and he goes by Gator. I always thought it was weird that his parents gave him that first name. I would use it as a mn.
  • I know one Guy, I think it sounds neat.
  • I don't love it.  It's a relatives's name. He has a Guy junior son too who they call Little Guy. Little Guy is 6 foot something and 300 pounds but is still smaller than his dad. 
  • I have a much older sister that was married to a man named Guy. I remember meeting him when I was really little, like 4 or 5 and thinking his name was hysterical. I thought they were joking and that couldn't have possibly been his real name. So I guess I'm not a fan.
  • Not a huge fan personally, but I wouldn't think anything of it being the name of someone else's kid. If it were me, I'd use it as a middle name. 
  • I think it's the kind of name where the whole thing hangs on the surname - like, there are surnames this would work with, and others where it definitely would not. (Guy Smith, anyone?!)

    Proposing Gaius as an alternative long-form, which you could shorten to Guy at whim.
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  • My husband has twin cousins and 1 of them is named Guy...his moms side is italian and its a common name i believe. I like that its different because it isn't as common right now and its not another generic italian name like Anthony...
  • Dislike Guy. Suggesting Gus as an alternative.
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