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Pregnancy and Deployment

I'm so glad I happened upon this section of the community. Are any other spouses going through their pregnancies alone? My husband is about to leave for a year, and will be missing the last four/five months, as well as, the delivery.  :(

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    @november1992 I'm not currently in your shoes but I did want to recommend "centering" if your local MTF offers it. At some posts when there are large groups deployed at the same time the Centering director will try to group spouses who all have their SOs deployed in the same group. If your unfamiliar with centering here's a link:

    If your MTF doesn't offer it or if you're not interested, I'd also recommend reaching out to your base's ACS's new parent support program. They offer programs while your expecting and up to a year after delivery and have tons of options to choose from. You can even set up home visits with a counselor that will come check in on you and bring you resources (books, class schedules, etc.). 

    A Doula is also another great way to go especially since you know your SO will be gone for the delivery. You will have someone there for support and to advocate for you so you can focus on breathing, relaxing, and pushing :smile: 

    Sorry for the overload of info! Although I'm not in your shoes several of our families in our FRG have been so hopefully some of this can be of help. Hugs! 

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    My DH has been deployed since about 18 weeks (33 weeks now) and expected to be back in time for delivery. I wasn't successful with it, but look into doulas that volunteer as part of Operation Special Delivery. It's a program where doulas can volunteer to work with mothers whose husbands are deployed. While my doula isn't a volunteer, she has been very forthcoming in offering to go to classes with me and answer any questions I might have.

    Do you know any of the other spouses going through deployment with you? Having a good group of spouses makes any deployment go faster.
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  • I am not currently pregnant, but with my first my husband was deployed when I was five months along and he returned home when baby was five months. We are currently trying for a baby, and it's looks like he'll be deployed again. He deploys in October for nine months. I had my co workers to keep me busy and my family. My mom lives several hours/states away, but she was able to come be with me a few days before I was induced and she stayed for five weeks after. 
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    Make sure you get involved with the might find someone else who is literally in the same shoes as you.  I am not sure what branch of service you are connected with but with the Navy we have a budget for baby class through the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. That is a great class to take and depending they might offer some baby gear.  Also we offer a class called COMPASS.  I know the MC has LINKS your post/base might have something and you can attend that and might meet someone too.  
  • Exact same situation here. He will be home when the baby is about 4 months old. 
  • My husband is supposed to report for his next deployment by the end of January and I'm due February 5th.  I guess I'm lucky to have him here with me through the rest of pregnancy and he may not actually go out to sea right away. fingers crossed!
  • I'm in the same boat, we tried to time this pregnancy so I would be due close to when DH returns from deployment or after he is back home...just found in pregnant and the baby will be due almost 4 months before DH returns.
  • Just found out we're 5 weeks pregnant. We weren't TTC, so eeek! My boyfriend is deploying in a few weeks and won't be back until a month or 2 after the baby is born... We'll do our best to stay in communication but with a 13-14 hour time difference it will be challenging. What have you done to stay in touch through the distance?
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