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Inexpensive Shower Options

Hi ladies!
So, my sister called me the other flipping out about the shower and inadvertently made me feel really bad that I'm even needing a shower. Her problem is that it's too expensive to host both sides at a restaurant and no one's house really has a convenient location or space. Now I am doing lots of research and pretty much heading my own baby shower....  awesome.  My house is too small, and my mother doesn't have the time to spruce it up/prepare for the shower, my MIL is in a condo with no clubhouse, same for FIL, SIL is in an apt, and my sister didn't offer. Where are other locations that I could have it that inexpensive, and that are not in a park? I live in NJ, so if anyone knows of a specific location that would be awesomeness! Thank so much!

Re: Inexpensive Shower Options

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    Ask your sisters to post in the NJ local board for venue suggestions. Ask your mom or MIL to google inexpensive party locations in the towns where they live. Cut your guest list. The last option is really the only one you should be worried about; let the hosts figure out the venue. 
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  • If you or any of your hostesses are church goers or have kids in school, some churches and schools will have a banquet hall they might rent. But generally, I agree with PP that besides offering your suggestions and perhaps limiting the guest list, this is not your problem. Perhaps if several people are offering to host you could have multiple smaller showers.
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  • Best bet is to offer to limit the guest list, I think.  Ultimately, this is the host's responsibility.  If it's your sister's first time hosting a shower, she might be have misjudged how much it costs to do a restaurant shower.

    Really, this event does not have to be a Pinterest-snazzy thing.  Also, it's not like a wedding.  You don't have to invite every female friend and family member.  The guest list really should be limited to the nearest and dearest.  Most people don't feel at all slighted when they don't "make the cut" to attend a baby shower, especially if it's not for someone really close.  After all, when you invite someone to a shower, you're asking them to give up a large chunk of a weekend day AND buy someone else a gift.  That's really only something you'd ask of people in the inner circle.

    What about renting a picnic shelter at a park?  What about a room at a community center?  Your sister and your mom could just provide some light snacks, have some time to mingle, then open gifts -- done! 
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  • Community center, library, church, I'm sure there's others, but that's what I can think of off the top of my head. Mine was held at the local YMCA in one of their meeting rooms. Ooh...check with your Chamber of Commerce, too.

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  • We had my sister's bridal shower in a large community room in a medical office building.  IT was a very new building, a very nice room and it was free.
  • I went to a really cute firetruck themed shower at a fire house in CT - which was free. The only food served was a "cravings bar" (basically candy and chips) and cake.

    We are hosting a babyQ at my house, which is also (except for the cost of food) free.

    My town library also offers their spaces for events for the community members for free.

  • You can check the clubhouses in other housing communities - most will rent to the public, though the price is a bit higher. Also, I ditto the library, firehouse, church centers, art center, covered picnic areas of public parks, and other communal hall suggestions. My mom threw me a baby shower in a hotel conference room so it was closer to my out of state family. Good luck!
  • Love the 'cravings bar' idea!
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    Thank you everyone for the great ideas!!!! I really have only 3 close friends coming and the rest is family, so my list isn't that big and there isn't much cutting room. It's fine that I'm looking into this, I know it is expensive and a lot work, so I'd rather help than become a bother. Craving bar is SUCH a good idea!!
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