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Pick One or Suggest Another (Boy Names)

Our top two boy names are:

Jonah Paul
Roman Paul

Paul is my FIL's name and non-negotiable. Which name do you prefer? Or, if you don't care for either, I'm open to suggestions. Other names we've considered, but don't like as much are: Spencer, Oscar, Russell, Jude (but, as a huge Beatles fan, that would be construed as two Beatles references in one name - (Hey) Jude and Paul (McCartney).
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Re: Pick One or Suggest Another (Boy Names)

  • Definitely Jonah. Roman is NMS.

  • bbiutmcphbbiutmcph
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    Love Roman. H vetoed it but I love it. 

    Edit: I should add I get a religious vibe from Jonah Paul. Could be good or bad depending your personal views 

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  • I hate the name Roman. You wouldn't name your kid Greek or Parisian so I don't understand Roman.

    Jonah is cute!

  • LNic5LNic5
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    I love Rowan over Roman..that would be my suggestion 
  • I like both, but love Roman. 
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  • I like Oscar the best. Also suggesting Timothy Paul.
  • I prefer Jonah of the two, but I also love prefer Oscar or Judah with the nn Jude.
  • Roman Paul sounds too harsh together if that makes sense? I like that name, just not paired with Paul so my vote is Jonah.
  • I like Jonah, I couldn't ever use it myself because of a personal family reason. But 'jude' from the song is just a nickname, John lennon's son was actually named Julian. But honestly I prefer Jude as a nickname anyway.
  • I like Jonah the best but also like Oscar and Russell.
  • I love Jonah.
  • jenEPjenEP
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    Jonah. I love the nn JP, which you could use. 
  • I have a soft spot for Jonah, so that gets my vote. Roman is just nms, but Rowan Paul is nice. Lincoln Paul comes to mind as another suggestion.
  • F47F47
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    Thanks everyone for your feedback! Always nice to know what people would really think.
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  • Jonah is great! Not a fan of Roman, it's seems weird as a human's name to me. I love all of your other names as well. Spencer and Oscar being my favorites. 
    My furchildren, Dorothy and Johnny :)
  • Jonah. NAF of Roman.

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  • Love the suggestion of Rowan. The other two are NMS
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