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I'm just wondering, does anyone have any really bad impressions or connotations associated with this name? (Aside from ones based on specific Hazel's you've known)

I ask because this is our first choice right now, and my mother HATES it. I mean, if she just kind of didn't like it, I wouldn't think twice about it. After all, she's my kid! 

But her strong reaction makes me wonder if there's something off putting I'm not realizing about this name. My mom apparently remembers a TV show about a witch named Hazel, lol. 

I see now why some choose not to share name ideas with family! 

Re: Hazel

  • I really like the name! It is faurly quickly rising in popularity, but I think for good reason. The only things I can think of would be witch hazel and hazy? Neither of which I think are bad enough to second guess the name.
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  • I like Hazel,  I do not think of any negative associations with it.
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  • Hazel is pretty. I can't think of anything bad about the name either. 
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  • Not a bad association, but a lot of people will think it came from The Fault in Our Stars. I like it enough to put that aside. Definitely think about popularity though if you intend to use Grace as the middle name as there are many little girls named Hazel Grace running around due to the book. 
  • It's very popular around here, but I absolutely hate it. I also think of the witch, and also of witch hazel the astringent. 
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  • I like it. No negative associations with it. If you use it, your mom's negative association with it will change eventually, IMO.

  • Hazel is on our short list also- I think it's pretty and classic without sounding elderly. No negative associations to me, though there is witch hazel astringent.
  • I don't know of a TV witch named Hazel, but there is a skin cleanser called witch hazel.

    But, FWIW, I think it is a lovely name.
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  • I have a Hazel. For what it's worth, my mother also hated it. So much so that she asked me if we had a baby name book to look up names. She also suggested we go with Hailey instead.

    Now that she is 3.5 years old. It just fits her. I honestly can't imagine her being anything else. It's also not popular here, like at all, so yes- there are strong reactions to it, but I couldn't care less.

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  • My mom hated it too. She thinks it sounds like an old lady.
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  • Love it! No! Some people say it's trendy, but I think it's a great, classic name.
  • I don't know about a witch show, but there was a show about a maid named Hazel so I think of that as well as a rabbit from Watership Down. I don't see the appeal of the name unless you are naming a rabbit.
  • I also hate it.
    To me is is a harsh name and nothing appealing about it.

  • I have never really loved it but it was more just a nms thing now I'm just over it and dislike it the more I hear it.

  • I love Hazel
  • It was going to be our girl name because it's a family name on DH's side. My grandmother and mother hate it. Grandma said, "They'll call her Hazel Nut!" We had a boy, but if we have a girl we may use it. My entire side of the family loathes it. Oh well.
  • I have a positive association with Hazel.  The first thing I thought of was Hazel Grace from The Fault in our Stars.  To me, that's a good thing.  
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  • I think Hazel is very pretty.
  • @thegdpaterfamilias My mom was telling me exactly what you said. All of the 1910 names making a comeback like Cora, Evelyn, Hazel. Our parents think "that's an old lady name" because it was their grandmother's name. But for most of us 20-40, we never got to know those relatives with those names so they don't remind us of "old" people.
  • I hate it. I just don't think it's very pretty. 
  • Hazel is beautiful. I really like it. I've never known anyone named Hazel so I don't have any bad associations with it.
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  • NMS. I don't like color names, location names, gemstone names or nature names. It has become very popular. I think the Z in it makes it trendy. I think you can do better! 

  • I was thinking what PPS said, your mom probably just associates it with old ladies. I like it though.
  • Hazel is a great name but it is exceedingly popular and going to be time stamped and feel "so 2010s" in a few years. 
  • I think it's very cute. This is why we kept DD's name a secret until her birth. No one else's opinion mattered to us, and I certainly didn't want a family member or friend to talk me out of a name I loved and they didn't. It worked well for us :) 
    I personally could never use Hazel...it's our cats name! 
  • It's very popular around here, but I absolutely hate it. I also think of the witch, and also of witch hazel the astringent. 
    Once a baby comes out you will get to know witch Hazel pads in a whole new light. 
  • I think it's pretty and I have no clue what show she's talking about. 
  • It's very popular around here, but I absolutely hate it. I also think of the witch, and also of witch hazel the astringent. 
    Once a baby comes out you will get to know witch Hazel pads in a whole new light. 

  • I don't know anyone with this name and I like it a lot.

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