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Pet Names for Felix

Are there any little Felixes out there with nicknames, and if so, what are they? I wouldn't be looking to shorten the name in general or call him by a nickname fulltime, but I was wondering what pet names may fall from Felix? We have a Claire who gets called Claire Bear, Clary, etc., and we have a Theodore, who we call Teddy mostly. Felix came to mind for #3 but I just wonder what some Felix mom's may call their sons or if it just stands alone!
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Re: Pet Names for Felix

  • I don't have a Felix but I know a Felicia that goes by Fee sometimes. Could work for Felix too.

  • I don't have a Felix, but Lex was the first nn that came to mind.
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  • I know one Felix, He is a very stereotypically manly man, but goes by FiFi and loves it. But he has a great sense a humor, and I doubt anybody would be brave enough to make fun of him for it (very large, intimidating looking man). Heart of gold though and a great guy!
  • I love Orphan Black, and one of the main characters is named Felix and goes by Fee. It works well for males and females (Felicia) I think.

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