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Burnbook!! (Re-named due to pregnancy brain)

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I'm starting a new post. Mainly because I need a place to vent desperately today. We all have them... People who would go in our burnbook. Share your stories freely!
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Re: Burnbook!! (Re-named due to pregnancy brain)

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    I have not felt the type of anger I felt today in a long time. So bad in fact that I had to leave my office and go for a walk (I'm still walking).

    Today one of our admins stood in the hallway about 40 feet from my office and yelled at me for something I did not do. Essentially she was blaming the mess in the communal kitchen on me (this kitchen is shared by 14 people). We catered lunch yesterday and leftovers were set out for everyone to enjoy. I guess someone opted to dump a bunch of trash in the sink; I didn't even see it. Because I was the last one in the kitchen, she thought it was me and also decided to yell at me for not wiping down counters. 

    Funny thing is, I had just had the thought "gosh I waste so many paper towels when I clean up" when I was in the kitchen 15 minutes prior.

    She said this in a way so that our entire office would hear and was trying to embarrass me. I then told her that I felt the need to publicly defend myself and that I hadn't put anything in the sink. She then started mumbling something else and ran down the hall crying. 

    This interaction made my blood pressure surge. I can't even imagine what this poor baby felt. My office has never been very professional, but this takes the cake. I don't even know what to do....

    so so there we go... Permanently in my burnbook.

    *ETA this is also the lady who noticeably checks me out EVERY day lamenting in my weight gain. My disdain for her is at an all time high.
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  • Yes! @jamiesc58 Totally what I was thinking of, but had a brain fart. 
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    My prior doctor (who thankfully is no longer my doctor!) gets this today!

    I had told my previous OBGYN who I saw from weeks 8 -16 that I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes as a kid. I wasn't overweight, and it was well controlled by eating reasonably healthy, so my primary care basically told me not to worry about it - unless I started having a problem OR got pregnant. They wanted me to make sure I had blood work once a year or so to check my sugars. Only once did I have an issue, and I had eaten a donut that day. It's always hovered on the high end of normal.

    I started seeing my new practice at 20 weeks, and (apparently) forgot to mention this to them. I assumed it would be in my records from my previous doctor - Nope.

    So this past week after fairly moderate, steady weight gain - I gained 7 lbs in one week. Actually - 4 days. Given my history, of course I freaked out. My calorie intake hadn't changed, and my activity level actually went up. I've been tracking my calories / food intake on an app, and the doctor said I am actually not eating enough - I've been short between 200 and 400 calories for "bare minimum" for the days she looked at - the last week.

    Turns out my new doctor had NONE of the records surrounding the diabetes diagnosis, or my disclosure of it to the prior practice. My new doctor was very upset, since if she has known about this she would have insisted on a one hour glucose test much earlier in my pregnancy (they almost had me wait until 28 weeks, since there were "no red flags") AND had me seeing a MFM from the start.

    Hopefully no harm done, but I am glad I insisted on seeing the doctor as soon as the rapid weight gain started. I signed releases for my medical records from a million years ago, and the doctor is going to try to get them directly, since the prior practice only sent THEIR records, not ALL my records. I also did my glucose test today, and they are setting me up with a high risk specialist "within a week" and a nutritionist "as soon as possible."

  • My F$#@ing insurance company. (Can we drop F-bombs on this board? Because I want to. But I will refrain). I knew I wouldn't make it through a normal human pregnancy without somehow being royally screwed by an insurance company. Because this is America. 

    I just found out, over halfway through my pregnancy, that the OBGYN practice I've been going to was dropped from my insurance plan. Which is funny because I found my OB by logging on to my insurance web portal and searching for one under my plan. They were listed on the website in December and January when I was doing my research. But apparently, they were dropped from the plan as of Feb 1. So all of the money I've paid to them so far is considered out-of-network and not counting towards our in-network deductible. We need to hit that deductible! I am so mad. So the insurance company sent me a "continuity of care" form, where I can apply/request to have the practice treated as in-network for the remainder of my care, but it's not a guarantee. In fact, upon reading the fine print I can already tell I don't meet the criteria and will probably be denied. I need to have been in my 2nd or 3rd tri on the date my provider was dropped, AND I was supposed to have sent in this form within 30 days of that date. I was not notified of this change on Feb 1, even though the insurance company says I was sent a letter. I have been opening and saving all baby/insurance related mail and do not recall reading that my provider had been dropped. So I will make the request, but who knows what happens when I send this form off, or how long it will take to get my answer. It's not like I have time to wait for some big bureaucracy to work, I need my future appointments scheduled so that my (and my baby's) care isn't interrupted. They can bet their asses I will be following up every day until I hear back.

    I am so mad. I just KNEW I'd get screwed over by the insurance company at some point. And I've spent the last hour on the phone with them and my OBGYN (or actually, the third party billing service they use, because none of this can ever be simple). I don't understand why there was no mention of this on the web portal where all of my claims are listed. Or why the staff at the OBGYN never mentioned, when they saw what insurance company I'm on, that they were recently dropped from it!! I bet the insurance company sent some tiny scrap of paper in an unmarked envelope that looked like junk mail -- if they sent anything at all. 

  • @Snaps816 ;
     That blows!!! I'm pissed for you!
  • @Snaps816 that really does suck. I'm so sorry. 
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  • @Snaps816 I'm so sorry you're dealing with that. I worked as an Insurance/Billing Specialist for a few years and if I learned anything, it's that insurance companies are evil. 
    You should definitely insist that they provide proof that they mailed something to you (they should have a copy of the dated letter scanned to your account if they actually did send something). Remember that insurance companies are comprised of people and, if you fight hard enough (and call often enough), you can usually find one person who cares enough to help. I hope this gets fixed for you. 
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  • @texasmama2014 Thank you! That honestly made me feel so much better.
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