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  • It can take several months after BCP before your cycles even out. Just give it some time. Keep taking tests every now and then if you're concerned about drinking/lifestyle. It'll show up eventually. :)
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  • My second month off birth control and I'm on cycle day 48. It's normal.
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  • Thanks for the run down @DoctorDonna  I didn't even see what she said but I very much prefer your version better! 

    10/2/10  <3
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  • Sorry! I forgot to QFP!

    She was basically complaining that she had been on BCP for 2.5 and that her periods have been irregular. She was implying that she thought she was pregnant, but never actually came out and asked. She said she was "late" but we all know what that means. She probably doesn't temp or chart and wanted to be a speshul snowflake and have us tell her she's totes KTFU...
    Thanks @DoctorDonna! I figured that was the gist of it. 

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