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flying with 7 month old?

I plan on flying home for a few days so the remainder of my family can meet my son but i am so scared of flying with him! I purchased our tickets but cant decide if i should go or not. Any advice on flying with an infant? My husband is flying with us and plans on holding our LO for the flight (its 2.5 hours) but I think it may be better for him to have his own seat and sit in his car seat? My biggest concern are his ears, any suggestions? He does not take a pacifier so that wont work. I'm also concerned that my LO will not be able to fall asleep in a new crib if we do go.

Re: flying with 7 month old?

  • I have traveled with LO several times now and am about to go on another trip next week.  Her first flights happened at 6 months.  Here are some suggestions:


    We have never paid for LO to have her own seat, we just hold her.  We try to plan our flights strategically around a nap time if possible.  I nurse her during take off (so she'll be swallowing and her ears won't bother her) and sometimes that will put her to sleep for a bit.  A bottle would also work if you bottle feed.  During landing I will either nurse her again or give her a teething biscuit or some kind of snack so she'll be swallowing again.  Bring a few toys on the plane, I usually buy something new she's never seen before and bring that because I know it will keep her attention for a while.  And bring snacks too.


    I use my carrier to get LO around the airport and onto/off of the plane.  I bring a blanket and toys to lay on the ground while we're waiting to board the flight so she can play before we coop her up for the flight.  If you breastfeed, look at the airport websites you'll be flying through, some of them have comfortable mothers rooms now for nursing that include really nice changing tables as well.  A diaper bag does not count as one of your two permitted carry-ons if you have a baby with you.  If you are breastfeeding, you can also bring on your Boppy/comparable pillow and that does not count as a carry-on either.


    What kind of crib will LO be sleeping in while you're away?  An actual crib or a pack and play?  We bring the white noise machine we use at home when we travel so it will be familiar for her.  When we go to my mom's house, she has a pack and play, but it has a 3" foam mattress on it.  The mat that the PNP comes with is ok for naps or very short trips, but for nighttime sleep we find that the foam mattress is better.  The brand is Dream on Me and we got it on  She had no trouble sleeping there.  We rented a full crib in FL about 6 weeks ago and she was fine with that as well. 


    Babies are pretty resilient.  Try not to stress too much about it...even if it goes terribly, it's only 2.5 hours of your life.

  • I know it's hard but try not worry about all the "what-if's" that could happen. I bet it ends up being easier than you thought it would be. Don't skip a trip because you're scared.

    I flew with my DS when he was 6 months old, 2 hour flight, and we got him his own seat. We took his car seat and he slept practically the whole time. Give your LO a bottle or breastfeed at take off and landing and bring lots of snacks and toys.

    When we got to our destination, DS didn't want the PnP we had for him so he slept in bed with us. Not a biggie. Don't stress!!

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    We've traveled twice with our 5 month old. We always buy a seat. Best money ever spent. We've traveled without for a prior child...

    their schedule will will be off. Just go with the flow!

    does your baby have ear trouble? Ours doesn't and had no fussing on the plane. 

  • I just did & it was a breeze, wear baby in the airport & bring toys. He didn't even get bothered by the whole ear popping thing. 
  • Oh & he did not have his own seat.
  • Go!! It will be fine. We have flown with our 8 month old on 8 flights now... We do not buy a seat. We do try to book during nap time. I try to get a window seat, which I find more comfy not only for nursing/feeding, but if he is asleep, I don't have to get up for others... Baby wearing is so easy through security and around the airport. We gate check the car seat. Have a back pack cover so it is easy to carry. Look up tsa rules for breast milk/formula/baby food. All is fine to bring, I just suggest knowing your rights :-) ... Bring things baby likes and uses to sleep. This will make being away from crib easier--blanket, music, white noise ETC.
  • Oh and feed during take off and landing. This is important! Teether is a good suggestion too if you don't do a paci.
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    Oh and feed during take off and landing. This is important! Teether is a good suggestion too if you don't do a paci.
    Thanks for the suggestions! He has never liked the paci so I will bring a few teething rings. I think I am now most concerned about how he will sleep. Although he will have his own crib we will all be sleeping in the same room, im a little concerned, he just recently began sleeping really well and I dont want to do anything to jeopardize this.
  • We've flown with our 6 month old many times. It's really not that bad!! I didn't feed on take off or landing and she never cried. You'll be fine!
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