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Boy name help please!

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55 days left and DS2 doesn't have a name yet. Middle name will be Samuel. Last name is 3 syllables and starts with a P. Also, has to go with big brother Ian.

What do you guys think?

Boy name help please! 150 votes

13% 20 votes
20% 31 votes
17% 26 votes
27% 41 votes
Theodore (Theo)
21% 32 votes

Re: Boy name help please!

  • Eko14Eko14
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    Vote for Henry but I think Elliot would be nice as well.
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  • Elliot is super cute! 
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  • Elliot is our top pick right now, but I love Henry (not an option for us), so I voted Henry for you :) I would toss Milo from your list- something weird about the flow of Milo Samuel.
  • I like all of them, but Dominic is the one I've heard least, so that got my vote.
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  • DS is called Elliot so that's my favourite. I like Dominic too 

  • I have to go with Elliot. 
    Dominic would be a close second.
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  • Ian and Elliot sound like a set

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  • Milo or Elliot with Ian 
  • Thanks everyone. We still have a hard decision to make. The poll is so close haha
  • KaLikeAWindKaLikeAWind
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    Not a fan of Elliot normally, but it fits the sibset and middle name well, better than the others IMO. Elliot got my vote. Dominic would my personal preference of your list (if I were just choosing it as a standalone), but I think it doesn't fit all the other criteria as well as Elliot. 
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  • I like them all but Henry and Dominic. 
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