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Good First Name for Middle Name Travis or Lee

Hi there! This is my first official post on this board, but I love lurking because I think you ladies pick some great names. My husband's first name is Travis, middle name Lee. Our daughter Molly has my middle name, Elizabeth. For this baby, we'd love to incorporate my husband's name into their middle name, boy or girl. I'm open to any suggestions! I'm struggling to find first names that pair well with "Travis."  I guess there just aren't any names that jump out at me this time around. Thank you!
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Re: Good First Name for Middle Name Travis or Lee

  • Travis a little tricker to flow with but honor is more meaningful than perfect flow

    Benjamin Travis
    Nathan Travis
    Matthew Travis
    Russell Travis
    Walter Travis
    Reid Travis
    Dominic Travis
    Andrew Travis

  • Lee goes with almost anything and is often a filler MN. I'd def try to get Travis to work! I like PPs suggestions of Benjamin, Nathan, Reid, and Matthew. Can you give us more of an idea of boy names that you do like?

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  • I really love the suggestions above! Reid goes well with Travis! I hadn't thought of that on my own before. I'm so stumped on boy names that I can't even think of ones I really like. My mind is blank. 
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  • I actually like Lee in the middle name spot, plus it goes with just about any first name. But I agree that Travis is a more unique option and Reid Travis does flow well! 

    Griffin Travis
    Paul Travis 
    Victor Travis
    Jonah Travis
    Samuel Travis

    Xander Lee
    Nicholas Lee
    Jasper Lee
    Zachariah Lee
    Vincent Lee

    For a girl, you could always MN Leigh or LeeAnn. 
    DD: Ophelia 5/18/15
  • I would just pick the name that you like the best. Most names will sound find with Travis or Lee as the middle and they won't be used often enough to outweigh a first name that you really love!
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