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Hello! I'm 35 and pregnant with my third LO. I have a 5 year-old DD and a 9-month-old DS. I only had one postpartum cycle and then became pregnant. I just took a test a week ago and am 7w along, due 12/14. This date will make my two youngest 17 months apart to the day. First appointment is 5/2.

We experienced two years of unexplained, secondary infertility TTC our second, so this is a total shock, but a welcome surprise! I also was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, hypothyroidism and Hashimotos since having my second, so all of that along with first Tri tiredness makes this fatigue REAL. II'm wondering if the thyroid hormones I'm on even made this third pregnancy possible!

I'd love to hear from others with similar age spacing as well :-) I look forward to getting to know you all!
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  • Welcome to the club! Mine will be 22 months apart. DH and my families both have kids with close spacing as well. We've seen how it works and like how closely they become growing up together. I was a little nervous about some transitions for DD, but she moved to a toddler bed and whole different bedroom a couple weeks ago and is doing so much better than expected! She's never even got out of her bed yet. We kept talking up being a big girl and she's so excited about it, I think she's trying extra hard to impress us! Good luck
    managaing all the health stuff while pregnant and taking care of a baby. No wonder you're tired!
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