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My D&C experience

i wanted to share my experience, in case it might help someone else. I found out yesterday at 8 weeks (9 weeks since LMP) that my baby no longer had a heartbeat and had stopped growing just a few days ago. I've been dealing with a SCH, but ironically was no longer bleeding from that. My doctor gave me three options...wait it out, try misoprostol or have a D&C. I've been on oral progesterone and was miserably nauseated all the time for the last 5 weeks. So I hastily decided on the D&C. I just wanted the nausea to end. Once I got home, I started to second guess my decision. Maybe I should have done the Misoprostol. Weirdly, I thought, maybe the pain of going through it would bring healing. I also get really sick with anesthesia and didn't want to go through that. But I read some experiences on here and knew that I had made the right choice for me. 

I I checked into the hospital this morning. The nurses were fantastic and so compassionate. The chaplain came by and prayed with us, which I greatly appreciated. As soon as any drugs were offered, I took them! They gave me Versed as we headed to the OR and I instantly felt relaxed. They did put me under general. The last thing I remember is being asked to think of a dream vacation destination where I don't pay a dime. I said Greece and that was it...I woke up a bit later in recovery. I had spoken at length with all involved in my anesthesia, so they were able to tailor that and I had no nausea. I woke up with no pain. After a short while in recovery, my husband and I left the hospital and went for a delicious greasy burger and milkshake. It was fantastic. 

Simce coming home, I've relaxed in bed, but haven't felt the need to nap. I have prescription Naproxen, but have no pain, so I'll wait until bedtime to take that. I would make this decision the same 1000 times over without even thinking twice. I still have emotional healing to do, but at least the physical part was easy. Hope this helps so,done out there. 
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Re: My D&C experience

  • Its like we were the same person today.. We both had ours today, we both found out yesterday, we had very similar experiences at the hospital. My staff was amazing too. I also left and ate greasy stuff, but I craved Mcdonalds lol. We will both heal physically quicker than our hearts but Im sure we will also share the similarity of sadness for awhile. I wish we didnt have this happening and could of shared our similarities on Dec. 16 board but we will get through it and have our rainbow. And maybe, just maybe even be in the same board again. 

    Sending my love and prayers to you.
  • Thanks @glitter. I sent you a private message yesterday. Would love to keep in touch as our journeys continue. How are you feeling today? So far for me, no bleeding or cramping. And my morning sickness has disappeared. So bittersweet. 
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  • So sorry for your loss, glad that the D&C wasn't too bad for you. When I had mine, the staff was also very compassionate and kind which was really helpful- they even sent me a card a couple weeks later. Take care of yourself! 
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