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Everett or Wyatt?

DH and I have narrowed down our favorite names (minus the the vetoes  :/) to Everett or Wyatt.  What do you all think?  

Middle name will be Miller (my maiden name). Last name is one syllable and starts with P.  I taught preschool a few years ago, but now I'm kind of out of the loop... how popular are these names with little ones these days?  We like the name Jackson, but that was nixed because it's too common now.

Open to other suggestions similar to these names if you have any!  

Everett Miller or Wyatt Miller?
Me (28) & DH (29)
Married: May 2015
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It's a boy!

Re: Everett or Wyatt?

  • Both are very very trendy. I vote Everett as its slightly less and I like Rhett as a nn

  • Everett is less common. Wyatt is apparently becoming trendier than Everett, which is surprising to me. Both are NMS. Wyatt has a strong country vibe for me so I vote Everett.

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  • Both are pretty popular. I prefer Everett.
  • I prefer Everett. 
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  • Everett!
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  • Thanks all, Everett is definitely my frontrunner!  DH was having a hard time getting over an Everett he knew and didn't like in college, but I think Everett has finally pulled ahead for him too.  I love the name, and the idea of Rhett or Rett as a NM.  
    Me (28) & DH (29)
    Married: May 2015
    BFP 1/24/16 EDD 10/4/16
    It's a boy!

  • Everett. Wyatt Miller sounds a little too cowboy for me.
  • Another vote for Everett! Was our front-runner for boy names as well, so obviously I'm kind of biased ;)
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  • My nephew is named Everette. I love it! 
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  • I really like both names! Fwiw, I live outside of Portland and went to a kids birthday party yesterday and there was an Everett and a Rhett at the party. However, Everett has some ,occasional significance up here and I love it because it's classic and lovely while still being "Portland" and (somewhat) original.

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  • I agree that Wyatt is getting very popular.  Both great choices though!  Is Emmett an option?  That is one of my top choices.  
  • Everett. 
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  • Everett! 
  • I like them both, but slightly prefer Everett.  
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