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10 Things Tuesday!

I am in need of some happy thoughts to get me through this day!

Lets here all about what is good in your life right now!


10/2/10  <3
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Re: 10 Things Tuesday!

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  • Happy (slightly belated) anniversary @Dilynne!
  • MylittaMylitta
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    1) I didn't get called in today, so I have an unexpected day off! Yay.

    2) Remembered to start OPKs yesterday, even if a bit late. 

    3) Have ramdom time off this week, so we might actually get good timing. (No sex during work week... And my projected O was my last day of work this week, which I have off. Woo)

    4) Going to try to be healthier. And H said today he'd like to start eating better. Makes it much easier and a bigger motivation for me. 

    5) H helped a friend out last summer with a building project. His friend payed him yesterday. It covers our Ireland vacation which is due this month. Plus a bit extra. 

    6) We could have covered the trip anyway, yay budget, but just been tight. Now we have a very nice cushion. I'm thinking extra mortgage payment. 

    7) I got to sleep in today due to not getting called in!

    8) I'm going to make my monsters (canine monsters in this scenario) happy and we'll all go for a run today. 

    9) I'm going to be productive today.

    10) I have a wonderful family who loves me and is there for me. - Yay I made 10!

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  • 1. We're going out tonight to celebrate a friend's awesome new job. He's had crappy luck in that department so it's awesome to see him finally catching a break.
    2. I had to come in to work early for a meeting so I get to leave early(ish)!
    3. The pollen here has finally calmed down (it has been visibly caked on all the things) so I finally washed my car and it looks nice again.
    4. I ended up getting so many tasty and generous samples at the grocery store that I didn't need to buy lunch.
    5. I just supplemented my sample lunch with some really good guacamole. 
    6. H took our dog who had developed claws of daggers to get them trimmed.
    7. I've mostly managed to be socially acceptable today, even though in my heart, I'm really crabby.
    8. I saw some licorice that H really likes at the grocery store so I picked some up for him. He'll be really excited.
    9. I also cleaned out the inside of my car - vacuumed, decluttered, etc.
    10. My Psychology Today magazine came in the mail yesterday. 
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