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  • @MommyForTheFirstTime I'm so sorry about all the horrible things that have been said to you recently. It is just absolutely insane that someone would think struggling with TTC/loss makes you a "risk." And then for someone to tell you that maybe you'd be a bad mother? No. Just no. I agree with everyone else that from what I can tell you'll be an amazing mother. 
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  • I have a MBF today and it's kind of vain and definitely pretty mild compared to others, but I found out I have pityriasis rosea, which is more or less a rash that hangs around for six to eight weeks on average - sometimes as long as 12 weeks. It doesn't itch, but it's on my chest and neck and upper arms, so it's super visible and I'm super self conscious about people thinking I'm diseased. Potentially all summer. *sigh* 
    @QueenSunscreen OH MY GOD..I think I have the same thing.  Dr visit Wednesday... Did they give you any other info?
  • @MommyForTheFirstTime I don't even know what to say. WTF is wrong with people? I wish I wasn't mobile bumping so I could put in a funny GIF
  • I don't even want to post this because it's petty but whatever right? A couple we used to work with just posted their Dec16 preg announcement on FB and I'm just like insta-deflated. I feeeeel the PMS grabbing at the back of my emotions and telling me to overreact. Excuse me while I eat a piece of cake and drink tea and cry. 

    Good of news is - I get wine on Wednesday (will be CD1).
  • @MommyForTheFirstTime holy shit! My jaw just actually dropped! I would of had to immediately walk away or i would of said something that got me fired. I cannot believe people sometimes! Creepy internets hugs to you! 
  • @MommyfortheFirstTime I am so so so incredibly sorry for what those people said to you. I can't imagine having to deal with one of those comments, but both of them back-to-back?! Please take care of yourself tonight. Sending all the creepiest internet hugs your way!

    Happy birthday, @clover28!
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  • @leekat14  I hope the appointment goes well and it's something else equally benign but shorter in duration!!   I didn't get any other real info. Just that they see it more often in the spring and to call them for another appointment if it's not gone in 12 weeks... If it itches they can give you something to put on it, but I was told I have to just wait it out. 

    Oddly enough, both my husband and my mother have had this before and neither recognized it in me...  I called them.each and they were both like - oh yeah, I've had that!  Hubster's was before I met him and his lasted six weeks or so. My mother's was while I was in college and hers went 12 weeks. Yay...  
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  • @MommyForTheFirstTime oh holy crap, I'm so sorry.  I echo all of the support here for you.  They aren't speaking the truth at all, except about them.  Don't think they were at all right!!  Sending love to you.
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  • @MommyForTheFirstTime I can't believe that anyone would ever do or say anything in either of these situations.  I am sorry they were giant jerks and that you had to deal with that.
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