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TTGP Grad Forum? (**TW**, but opinions from non-grads wanted too!)

Hi all,

So I've moved over to my BMB since my BFP,'s less than fulfilling. Am I the only crazy one who thinks this? I think the TTGP group has carved out a really nice little niche here. There are the daily check-in boards, and then the fun daily topics, and everything is nice and tidy and organized here. But over there, it's like all the drive-bys we get, but there's no one to stop it. PLUS, I miss everyone who isn't in my BMB!

So, that said, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a group (private, maybe?) for TTGP grads. Sure, we'd all be at different points in our pregnancies, but the community and snark would be preserved.

Maybe I'm just jumping the gun and my BMB will learn to regulate itself/get closer as we near the end of the nine months. But if anyone else feels the same way, I'd love to get something together.
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Re: TTGP Grad Forum? (**TW**, but opinions from non-grads wanted too!)

  • Guys, there's a monthly checkin around here for grads, plus you need to remember that this board is a well established community, people may come and go but they all follow the same guidelines, your BMB has only just started.
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  • I have thought all along that if I ever get a BFP I would really like a TTGP grad board! 

  • I'd be down. It looks like people really enjoy their BMBs when they get there and I'm sure it takes some time to get started. Even so, I'm thoroughly enjoying my time here and would still participate if there was something.  
  • I felt that way when I jumped to my bmb with DD. Allllll the way through my pregnancy and after she was born I had given up on it. It was borning. Almost all drive bys and trolls but never the snark to go with it. I'd say make the group.
  • l9il9i member
    @PensiveCrayon I jumped over to December and had the same thoughts.  I haven't actually participated in anything because there wasn't much organization :neutral: 
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  • Once I graduate, I'd like a TTGP board :) 

  • **Lurker/Siggy Warning**

    I'd be down for a grad board.
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  • Ha! This is funny only because I told my DH that if and when I ever get KU that I probably wouldn't participate in BMBs because I would miss the ladies in TTGP too much and the BMBs didn't seem as So --that's a resounding yes from me. 
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  • I'd definitely participate!  I've been lurking the Dec board, but have yet to join in... 
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  • antoto said:
    Give your BMB time and maybe you and @DiFazette can work to get that shiz organized and cohesive. It takes time to bond- be patient. There should be daily threads for BMBs right?

    edit for typo
    From lurking, a lot of BMBs have some of the same daily threads - FFFC, UO, etc. Lurk the other BMBs to see what kind of daily check ins they have and try to get them going. It will probably take some time to get it going, especially if it's early and there's a lot of intros/new posters that skipped TTGP.
    We have daily threads, but no body interacts on them, or at least not very much.  It's crazy to me, and I don't like it.  :cry: 
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  • @MonaLisaRalphio it was through a PM. It was in response to my comment about her having a HPT as her picture. 

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  • It was no fun. Especially since I was very nice and just said 'we don't really do pictures of things that have been peed on. You might want want to change your picture.' Then she blew up my inbox.

    Formerly known as Kate08young
    August '18 Siggy April Showers:

    Me: 28 H: 24
    Married: 7/22/14
    Baby L: 8/4/2015  August 2015 Moms
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  • virginiahamvirginiaham member
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    @Buthayna re: your comment about who doesn't like board organization cause I went to the same school as @MrsDho11 for awhile:  an impressive number of people.  We got chastised for being bossy and "enforcing rules" that nobody liked or wanted and were told that the world wouldn't end and we needed to all relax (ETA basically what we hear on the SS threads here).  Sorry it hasn't gotten much better @MrsDho11.

    I'm definitely with you on feeling that way after loss @MrsBinPA.
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  • Oh geez.  I'm waiting for someone to come at me about my post today on Dec BMB.  
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