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Considering working full time

here's my story-I am 28, mom of a 3 year old & a 6 month old. I stopped working in 2014 to go to school. School and a toddler was hard but do able, honestly fun. Then got pregnant, had baby, and have been home full time. I'm going to re enter the work force, possibly full time and am so scared. Will I be ok? I haven't worked full time in 3 years let alone with 2 kids!!!! Tips needed!

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    You'll be fine. :) Good luck!
  • My son will be 18 months when his sibling is born this summer. I know it'll be hard with 2, but it is doable. For my bf and I we have developed a good routine for pickup, dinner, bedtime, etc and it works for us. You can definitely do it, just going to take some adjustment and routine tweaking. 
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  • My only tip would be to maybe start part time to get a feel of how the new routine would be. I only have one baby and it definitely has challenges, but I think one you get a routine down, it will get easier.
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