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Late for period but negative test

I have been on BC regularly and haven't missed a pill. However, I'm 5 days late. 4 Negative home tests. No symptoms, not even regular PMS kind. The Husband and I were planning to start trying after our vacation later this year so we are not sure what to think. 

Re: Late for period but negative test

  • My periods have always been like clockwork. Last fall, one was randomly a week late. (Never took a pregnancy test, but was looking at ordering some in the next day or two when I got it.) Two years ago, my period was fifteen days late. Again, I never took a test, but was considering it, and eventually got it. 

    Sometimes, you're just late for no reason. I hadn't been traveling and didn't have an overly high level of stress. 

    I would keep checking as often as you want to or can afford (I'm the type who'd wait 3-4 days or a week before testing again because I'm a penny-pincher) until you either get a positive or you get your period. 
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