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Ibuprofen scare!!!

I am 5weeks pregnant and had a horrible headache today and accidentally took 2 ibuprofen instead of tylenol. I grabbed the wrong bottle and am so upset with myself!  I am completely freaking out and very worried. Has anyone else had this happen and know if everything will be okay? I am so worried about miscarriages as I just went through one on February. Thanks!

Re: Ibuprofen scare!!!

  • Considering it was only once that you took it, you're fine. I put all non-acetaminophen products away for the duration of my pregnancy to avoid this mishap, as I've done it myself.

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  • I think you are okay as it was a regular dosage and only happened once. If you truly want reassurance you could call your nurses line but I am sure you are just fine. The early weeks can be scary but have some grace for yourself :) 
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  • You should be fine. It was just one dose just be careful what you take. Also I could be totally wrong on this but from what I've read/heard Ibuprofen is actually the most damaging later on in your pregnancy not in the beginning. If I remember correctly it is classified as a class C drug until 30+ weeks and then it goes to a class D drug. Basically try to avoid things that could be harmful but try not to stress about every little thing you you will drive yourself crazy by the end of pregnancy! Good luck! 
  • I'm a little late, but my LO is now a happy, healthy full-term 11-day old, and I took quite a lot of ibuprofen when I was a few weeks pregnant with him because I thought I was experiencing menstrual cramping. Turns out it was cramping due to early pregnancy. I freaked out too, but no harm done. I wouldn't worry, especially as you only took two. :)
  • I was told it's really only an issue in third tri 
  • I was told it's really only an issue in third tri 
    Nope. It's throughout the pregnancy. That's why Drs tell you to avoid it altogether, especially in first trimester when the baby is in its first stages of development. 

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