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I want to potty train my son but I'm afraid I made a few mistakes and wondering the best way to correct them.  I started about 2 weeks ago for a day, and it went pretty well.  However, we needed to leave the house the next day and we had some travel plans in the future so I decided to stop.  Our travel plans got canceled so I want to try to do it again.  He pees on the potty and uses it as a stall tactic when he doesn't want to go to bed or take a bath.  He's very proud of himself when he manages to pee in his potty and loves to transfer and flush it down the big potty.  Today is day 1 of second attempt (two weeks later from attempt one) and we've had a poop accident and just had a major pee accident.  He didn't nap today either.  The method I'm trying to use is go naked around the house (blocked off the carpet rooms) and try to get him to sit on it every hour.  He's getting annoyed me with me, so much so that he took the insert out of his potty, threw it, and sat on the remaining part that holds the insert.   Another moment today, he sat on it himself, made a drop, took it to the bathroom, flushed, brought it back and continued to sit on the potty...all while he didn't think I was paying attention.  I feel that he's ready because he asks to go, uses it as a stalling tool, and has gone multiple times on it over the past few months.  Any steps for making it work this time?  (and stickers seemed to have lost their appeal)

Re: Potty Training Help

  • My son turns 3 years old next month and *knock on wood* I think we're most of the way there on potty training. He only wears a diaper overnight and even those are starting to be dry when he gets up. From what I've seen every kid does things a little different so I don't know the "best" method, but I can tell you what worked for me.

    We started around his 2nd birthday when we were given a stand along training potty like what it sounds you have. It has the insert in case he goes and a little padded seat for him to sit on. We left it in the living room so that he could get used to it for a couple of weeks before we even began to broach the subject. I wasn't in any great rush to potty train since I feel as long as he is trained before starting school then that is OK with me.

    So after a couple weeks we started to ask him if he wanted to sit on the potty. If he said yes we'd strip him down and have him sit on it for however long he wanted to. I don't recall him ever actually peeing in the thing. Every once in a while if I was home on a long weekend I would do the whole "lets sit on it every X minutes" thing, just to see if he would.

    I think what helped him a lot was this past summer. My husband would rather put on shoes and go outside to pee rather than just walk down the hall. So my son would go out and 'pee in the grass' with him. He got a big kick out of that. My male in-laws also played it up as they do the same thing. So he would go outside to pee with them a lot. Once the warm weather was over we went back to him using the potty indoors except we had been given that kind that sits on the toilet to make the seat smaller.

    We went through a long period where he would say he needed to go potty, we'd take him in and get him settled, and then he is immediately done so that he can wipe and flush. But that was OK with me too.

    It was about 2 months ago, right after Christmas, that he suddenly took to it like he'd been doing it his whole life. I think daycare played a big role there since he got to see his little friends who are older use the bathroom all by themselves and they didn't need diapers.

    So now we just make sure that he goes to the bathroom every morning as soon as he gets up, and just before bed too. He wears real underwear all the time (except for overnight like I said before) and has had 3 poop accidents and one half pee accident (started to go while playing and managed to stop and hold the rest in until he got to the bathroom) since Christmas.

    We were really lucky and I'm sure #2 won't be so easy, but that is what worked for us. We just didn't pressure him or ourselves to do it on our time table. I watched a girlfriend of mine struggle to train (still struggling) to potty train her now 3 year old because he is trying to force it. She isn't training her 2 year old daughter and she is looking like she will be finished before her brother. haha
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  • emisiemisi member
    This is kind of an old topic, but does anyone have any suggestions for a very stubborn little boy who is totally potty trained (minus nights, that won't come for a while) everywhere EXCEPT daycare?  He goes by himself without us prompting at home, rarely if ever has accidents... but WILL NOT poop in the potty at daycare.  I think it's gotten to the point where it's a power thing for him.  We're all getting kind of frustrated, because he's absolutely fine everywhere else!
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