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sorry that I am so unaware but, this is my 2nd pregnancy, had a miscarriage at 11weeks in November, and neither the first time or this time did I have my HCG levels checked more than first appointment bloodwork. Am I missing a step or is this normal? First appointment is next Tuesday and my anxiety due to our recent loss is through the roof. Thanks in advance

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  • I didn't have mine checked. I went in for a confirmation urinalysis (needed for the OB referral) and then nothing until 8 weeks.
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  • every doctor is different. ask yours. 
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  • I had mine checked twice early on to see if they doubled (I was also bleeding and had a recent loss a few months prior). 
  • My OB did not check my hcg levels even after I told them about my loss. I actually asked my primary care doctor if she would order the labs which she was happy to do.  In my case it was more for my peace of mind after my loss tha an actual medical reason.
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  • Thanks ladies
  • I had my HCG levels checked (had to go twice). I had a miscarriage August 2015. I have yet to see my doctor but she requested blood work when I was 5 weeks. I had an abdominal and vaginal ultrasound done today, now measuring about 8 weeks. I know what you mean about for your peace of mind. My first pregnancy I didn't have an ultrasound until week 12 when they found the baby only measuring 7-8 weeks. So know I want to do anything and everything I can to make sure everything is developing as it should.
  • My HCG levels were only monitored during my 3rd pregnancy after 2 early losses the previous year. It really depends on your doctor.
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  • Most doctors do not check HCG routinely, they typically wait until there is a reason (bleeding, previous losses, etc). Like PP said mine was also not checked until I had 2 previous losses and was on my third pregnancy which is the same standard that they have for doing tests on the fetus if there was another loss. You could probably ask your doctor to check for peace of mind if you wanted too. I'm sure they wouldn't be opposed especially if it would help your stress level! 
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