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Trouble with grandma

I love my MIL, but she is not very strong and has arthritis in her hands. When DD was five months old, my MIL fell down with DD after trying to lift her. Thankfully MIL and DD were both okay, but my husband and I agreed it would be best for MIL not to try to pick up DD anymore. My husband gently told my MIL we're happy to have her hold DD while sitting but that she shouldn't pick her up. MIL agreed she wasn't strong enough. Now DD is almost 7 months, and MIL picks her up the second I leave her alone with DD in order to get water, etc. I am really upset that she knows she isn't strong enough to pick up DD, knows it is against my wishes, and tries to pick her up anyway. It is starting to sour my relationship with MIL. I feel like I have to watch her anytime she's with DD. Am I overreacting? What would you do? 

Re: Trouble with grandma

  • This isn't just a hypothetical issue, she has already fallen once with DD. I would feel the need to watch her anytime she was with her also.

  • I'm sorry this has happened. The solution may be to take little one with you when you do leave the room, or make sure someone else is with her and knows to handle it. 
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  • You are not overreacting.  This is very irresponsible of her.  I'd just tell her, play by my rules or we don't come over anymore. 

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  • Thanks for all your advice. My husband had another talk with her, and she hasn't tried to pick up DD since. I hope it stays that way.
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