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Thoughts on Eric? Is it too plain or common sounding? I know several Eric's my age (26) but don't know of any kids named Eric. Is it too 90s? Thanks

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  • bbiutmcphbbiutmcph member
    edited April 2016
    I like it and find it pretty refreshing in this generation. It's just out of the top hundred so not super common yet everyone knows it. 

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  • I like it a lot and don't think it's dated at all.

  • I think it is a beautiful name.
  • I love it and would use it if we had not already named my daughter Erin. ;)
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  • I like it! 
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  • Eko14Eko14 member
    Erik is the best. With a C it is ok too ;)
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  • I think Eric is timeless and dignified. Great name. 
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  • So excited to hear great feedback on Eric! Keeping it at the top of my list :)
  • I think I'm alone in not liking it. I only know one Eric and he is such a plain person with no personality, so that is what I think of with the name :( I would vote for the spelling Erik though. 
  • I really like Eric.
  • I am not a fan, but couldn't give you a good reason why.
  • My initial instinct is it's awfully common, but then all of the Eric/Eriks I know are older than 25 so you're probably good now! 
  • I don't know about timeless, if I heard someone who was named Eric I was automatically assume that he was in his 40s or 30s. So, yes, dated, but that doesn't mean it won't come around again. 
  • You can see the popularity chart here. Any name that makes a kind of witches hat will sound dated to most ears:
  • I do know of one baby Eric, but it's such a great, solid name. Keep it on your list :smile:
  • If we have another boy his name will be Erik (love the name and also an anagram of my name).  
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