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PCOS and early pregnancy

8w,5d here...I've been to the ER twice this weekend- Friday for cramping and light pink spotting and Saturday for very heavy red and clotted bleeding with increased cramps. HCG level was 30k Friday night and 27k Saturday morning. Both ultrasounds showed a heartbeat and the pelvic exam showed a closed cervix. I've had PCOS for 10+ years and this is my fourth pregnancy (3 miscarriages prior). Anyone else have PCOS or cysts while pregnant? I'm thinking that might be the case since baby is still looking okay. Back to the OB on Monday for another look...


  • Aside from the clots and red bleeding we could be twins: PCOS, 4th pregnancy,  3 early mc, spotting, and HGC drop, though mine only dropped 500 points (56,500 down to 55,000). I am 9w3d and I have had pink spotting pretty much the whole pregnancy. Both ultrasouds I've had have shown a great heartbeat and measuring right on schedule.  My doctor seems to think the bleeding is due to the placenta burrowing deeper into my uterine lining and I have a super sensitive cervix (walking causes it to be irritated.) Are you on progesterone suppositories?  Those can irritate your cervix and cause spotting as well. As far as a cyst popping goes, according to dr google that very well could be the reason for the bleeding. I had reasearched it when I first started spotting. I hope all goes well with your appointment on Monday! You will be in my thoughts :) 
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  • I have PCOS and I am very scared. This is my 1st and I don't want to miscarried. I hope you ladies don't either.
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    I can't tell you why you're bleeding or why the hcg dropped but I was diagnosed with PCOS a year ago and I have a four week old baby now. Hopefully that can give you some hope. I believe the biggest issue with PCOS is actually getting pregnant in the first place. Hoping everything progresses well with your pregnancy!!! 

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  • I hope your scan went well today! 
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