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Weekly GTKY 4/18

What's your favorite zoo animal?
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Re: Weekly GTKY 4/18

  • Gorillas
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  • I like watching the chimps and orangutans.  I also love the aquariums. 
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  • Polar Bears and giraffes!
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  • We just went to the zoo on Saturday! My favorites (at least at the Chicago zoo) are the bactrian camels, otters, and meerkats.
  • Tigers.
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  • Giraffes, elephants and chimps. I can do without the reptiles and birds. 
  • I have always loved the big cats, the elephants, and the monkeys.  Least favorite is the reptiles.  I don't even like to go in that exhibit.  Always had a fear they would escape and get me!

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  • Polar Bears! 
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  • My favorite animal is bear so I love watching them but they aren't always the most active so probably monkeys. My zoo is about to open up a giraffe feeding station so I'm sure that'll become a favorite soon. 
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  • I love all monkeys and apes, but I also took a herpetology class in college that I LOVED so I also really like to visit the turtles, lizards and frogs. I can do without the snakes.
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  • Elephants are my favorite. Gorillas freak me out - they look like old men sitting around scratching themselves.  
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  • Oh it's hard to pick just one! We go to the zoo a lot. I could watch the big birds all day - the eagles and owls - but I think my absolute favourite would probably be the red-tailed black cockatoo they have in the Australasia pavillion. She always flies down and says hi to my husband, who has the weirdest attribute in that every animal he has ever met completely loves him. 

    (I took this about a month ago.)

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  • It's so hard to pick just one. I'm going to go with whatever animal is most active that day. I think I tend to like the animals that have water in their environments (otters, polar bears).
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  • The elephants!
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  • Pandas!! 
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  • I like aquariums better than zoos. And I like the rays, sharks, and otters the best. 

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  • I love watching the penguins and I have a thing for moose...they're just so cool!

  • Pretty much all the birds. So the flamingos, parrots, hawks, cranes, egrets etc. Although the emus and ostriches freak me out... so none of those giant birds.
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  • @kilgravemademedoit my husband has that same weird attribute! Sometimes I get a little jealous! 

    My favorites at our zoo are the giraffes and prairie dogs. We don't have any chimps/gorillas or else that would be it. I also like water exhibits but we don't have any of those either. 
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  • Such a great GTKY question! I'll have to echo those that have said aquarium animals-- I could watch the big tanks (we're close to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is incredible!) for hours on end. It's fascinating and so relaxing! 

    Plus, I've love that we've gotten to snorkel/dive with so many cool tropical fish on different vacations that we've taken!
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  • @admiralkitty oh my GOD. I am so jealous. That is the raddest thing ever, what an experience. 

    I rode an elephant at a fair when I was 5. I remember them having sandpaper skin with these long black hairs sticking out. It was so amazing, even at that age. They are the wisest animals. I'm so happy for you to have had that opportunity! #cryingnow #hormones #ohmygodsomeoneshootme
  • Birds and frogs.
  • I can't just pick one..I love animals. I would have to say white tigers and monkeys are my favorites. Oh and polar bears. 
  • I love watching whatever is the most active animal that day. But the big cats are perpetual favorites. Our zoo has tigers and cloud leopards.
  • I'm a fan of the tigers and giraffes. Our zoo isn't great, so when we travel we try to hit the good ones. 
  • Elephants.  Even though after seeing them in their natural environment I'm not much for zoos.
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  • Giraffes and sea otters
  • Love the elephants! The large cats are pretty cool too. 
  • Zebras!!! But I just moved back to a province that has no zoo :( 
  • Love  the butterfly dome but my favorite is the orangutans although they jinda make me sad to see at the zoo. They always seemed too sentient to be locked up on display.when I was younger I had planned to take time and go work at the orangutan orphanages in borneo

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  • Zoos make me sad, especially seeing the big exotic animals in small cages in this climate - they always look miserable. I do love big cats, but I'd rather try and talk DH into a safari at a wild game reserve in Africa or something!
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  • We just got back a month ago from our 2nd trip as a married couple to South Africa @comealongponds ; it is truly amazing.  
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  • een23een23
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    I love the prairie dogs. Our zoo has a great elevated enclosure so you can get right on their level. It's so much fun watching them run back and forth into their tunnels and then alert each other when a bird flies overhead.
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  • Guess I am the only one to never have been to a zoo ! 
    Or an aquarium. 
    One day :) sounds cool 
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