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Girl Name - What Do You Think?

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We have narrowed down our girl name choices, but would like some feedback from you! It's very important to me to choose a name that has family significance. Our DD is Madeline Danielle. Her name comes from my side of the family. Would really like the next baby to at least have a MN from DH's side. I'll list our first name choices and middle name options. Please let me know which first name you like best and which middle name you think pairs well with it, if any. I have yet to fall in love with any of the middle names. 

First name: 
Lydia (my grandmother's name)
Evelyn (my great-grandmother's name)
Ruby (I've just always loved this name)

Middle name:

Kathryn Elaine is another first and middle name option after both of our mothers. I would only use these names together. Also, I prefer the spelling of Katherine, but DH's mom spells it Kathryn. Do you think we would need to stick with Kathryn? She actually goes by Kathy if that makes any difference.

Thank you so much!

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Re: Girl Name - What Do You Think?

  • Kathryn Elaine or Evelyn Kate
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  • It seems like Evelyn is getting super popular. Something about Lydia Kate speaks to me... 

    If you go with Katherine I'd avoid the y. Could you talk to your mil to see what she thinks? Maybe she's always hated the spelling or something?!
  • I love Ruby Kate!
  • Lydia Kate

    (love the name Lydia!)
  • I love the name Lydia! As for middle name, I would pick the one that is most significant to you and not
    worry too much about "flow." (Check out this article on middle names:
  • Kathryn Elaine is really nice, and I like it paired with Madeline Danielle. Also love Lydia Kathryn or Lydia Kate. Evelyn and Ruby both are pretty trendy right now.
  • Lydia Marie or Lydia Kathryn
  • Ruby Ann or Lydia Ann
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    Kathryn Elaine is really nice and I think it goes well with your daughters name 

    other favourites:

    Ruby Kathryn 
    Evelyn Kate 

  • Ruby Kate is lovely
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    I love Lydia. I would do that over the other two especially since it has family significant and ruby doesn't. 
  • Ruby Marie
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  • As a Kathryn myself I see Katherine as a totally different name.  If you're going to honor someone, honor them. It might be a little insulting to change the spelling. The y spelling is very classic and beautiful - I don't understand changing it. 
  • Ruby Marie then Ruby Ann
  • Thank you everyone! Lydia is my favorite, but DH doesn't care for it as much. Trying to convince him.

    I do like the name Kathryn just fine, just prefer Katherine a little more. I also felt it shouldn't be changed if you're honoring someone, but wanted to know if that was everyone else's opinion as well. Thanks for the feedback!

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  • Kathryn Elaine is beautiful and sounds great with Madeline Danielle. I also really like Lydia Kathryn.
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  • Lydia Kate
  • I'm a Kathryn too.  Named after my grandmother (born 1917).  It's not a new spelling - the variation has been around a while.  No matter how you spell Katherine, you will have to spell it for people every time - there are just too many variations.  
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  • Lydia kate

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