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Am I don't breastfeeding!

DS is 7 months old and keeps chomping down on my nipple while nursing. I think he's doing it went my letdown isn't happening fast enough or when the flow slows down. But it's so painful. I'm hoping its just a phase but if not I guess I'll have to just pump which doesn't sound exciting. Anyone have a similar experience? 

Re: Am I don't breastfeeding!

  • I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but my LO went through a biting phase when he started cutting his first tooth. It was so bad that I was afraid to nurse and so nervous with anticipation that he was going to bite at any moment. Anyway, what worked for me was nursing him only when I knew he was hungry, versus for comfort, watching him closely and ending the feeding as he slowed so as not to give him the chance to "play" and subsequently bite. Also, nursing in a space with little to no distraction. Finally, and this may be most helpful, if he bit I would sternly say "no," pull him off and then not nurse again for a half hour or so. This was advice from my LC. It took about a week, but he did it less and less and then stopped all together. He does it only occasionally now and it's only when he's no longer hungry and overtired. I hope this helps!
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