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Middle name for Lorelei

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I am due in a few weeks with a girl and we have decided on Lorelei for the first name.  For her middle name I would like to use a family name, either Jane (my grandma's first name) or Ellen (my other grandma's middle name).  Last name is two syllables and starts with T.  I think I like the way Jane sounds better, but I am torn because my grandma Jane passed away several years ago, while my grandma Ellen is still alive.  This will be Ellen's first great-granddaughter and I know it would mean so much to her if we used her middle name.  Any thoughts?  I would love to hear opinions on Ellen vs. Jane as a middle name, and also what you might do in this situation.  Thanks!   

Middle name for Lorelei 51 votes

Lorelei Ellen
31% 16 votes
Lorelei Jane
68% 35 votes

Re: Middle name for Lorelei

  • Jane definitely flows better as Ellen is awkward after so many L's but meaning trumps flow IMO so pick Ellen as it sounds like it holds more to you

  • Jane flows better but it sounds like Ellen would really mean a lot to your family member who's still alive. How many times do you really say the first and middle names together anyway? I'd go with Ellen.
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    This is a tough one because I really love Lorelei Jane and I dont really care for Ellen (its not horrible though.) Is grandma Ellen's first name a possibility? 
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