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Gut Feelings that were right?

I'm in my 2ww for my 5th cycle.  Every other cycle I was worried about the results at the end and every other cycle I had a BFN.  This time is different.  For some reason I am very peaceful and confident that this will work.  It may just be that all of this has become my new normal so I know what to expect or if I just have some weird intuition.  Just wondering if anyone out there that had success just knew it worked before their beta?  Not scheduled for beta until 4/20/16.  Thanks!

Re: Gut Feelings that were right?

  • Hey - just lurked around and found this... I don't have an answer, but am curious and I can relate. My feels are a little more relaxed this time around. Though that is not to say I'm not hormonal and wacko most days, but good premonitions thus far? 

    But, it's a little scary - even when I'm cautiously optimistic. Trying my best not to get ahead of myself...

    In general - the anxiety has been taken down a few notches and I've gotten a good sign from my mom up in heaven. Your 'baseline' theory sounds good too.

    GL & FX for your upcoming beta!
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    2016 - Fresh IVF/ICSI #1 = CP; Froze 5d-blasts x3

    April FET #1 w/ Prometrium + Estrace 
    04/4 - Transfer
    13/4 - Beta #1 = 138 (9dp5det)
    15/4 - Beta #2 = 368 (11dp5det)
    26/4 - Subchorionic hemorrhage; Beta #3 = 20,000+ & FHR @93bpm
    03/5 - U/S = Measuring 1.03cm (7w2d) & FHR @128bpm
    13/6 - Dx: Hyperemesis gravidarum  :'(
    04/8 - Little girl  <3 
    EDD = 21/12/16
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