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Breastfeeding now she's sleeping through

Hi everyone, 

At 12 weeks baby has just started sleeping through the night, yay! I'm exclusively breastfeeding and not pumping at all yet. Might start a small supply for babysitters soon. 

The first night she slept through I understandably woke up engorged with me and my sheets covered in milk. She had previously only gone 5 hours max and now we're talking >7. On the second night I doubled up on breast pads which contained most of the damage. 

I assume my supply will even out with this new routine? I.e. Stop producing at night? How long did it take for you all? Any other tips?  

Thanks x

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Re: Breastfeeding now she's sleeping through

  • My 11 week old daughter has slept through the night for some time. I think everyone is different. Sometimes i leak like crazy at night, other times not at all. My advice is to pump when you can. I have some girlfriends that struggled to keep up with baby's needs when they returned to work. I had an LC tell me to pump after everytime she nurses which just isn't possible. 
  • I agree with PP. Sometimes I leak and sometimes not. As we've gotten into more of a routine I seem to be leaking less. I would
    pump after your LO goes to bed or if you wake up before them so you can build a stash. 
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  • kimber308kimber308 member
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    I never leaked through the night, but I wake up in quite a bit of pain. LO has slept through the night for the last month (11 hours), but every morning I still wake up in a lot of pain. I'm wondering when it'll subside?
  • My LO has had some longer nights here and there. I set an alarm so I don't leak everywhere or wake up too full. I pump in the MOTN to avoid these things and mostly to build a stash. I go back to work soon and won't pump in the MOTN at that point. I would think it would even out after a bit...good luck!  
  • Pump during the night unless you want your milk supply to go decrease. My lactation consultant said to go no more than 4 hours without draining by pumping or nursing. I keep my manual pump by the bed & I just do it once during the night for about 5 mins then go back to sleep. 
  • klbhklbh member
    Augh, is everyone else seriously pumping every night? My kid has started sleeping through the night sometimes, and I have finally started to feel like a human again. I haven't noticed any problems with supply yet and really don't want to be setting alarms for the next ten months. That feels so unmanageable. 
  • I only feed at night when LO wakes up. When he sleeps 8 hours, so do I! There have been no negative effects to my supply and I'm not as engorged in the morning as I used to be. As PP said, our bodies are smart! One of the many ways in which breastfeeding feels miraculous. 
  • Oh goodness no pumping at night here!! Baby is 11 weeks and when he sleeps a long stretch so do I! Sleep actually helps you keep a great supply. I have no clue why a LC would say pump every 4 hours?! Your body will make what baby needs according to when baby nurses. If he starts sleeps at night your body will adjust. I only pump about 2 times a week to have for when I want a datenight with hubby or a girls night. This is my fourth baby and not pumping at night never affected my supply. Drink water,eat and sleep and you can feed your baby just fine!
  • LO has started sleeping at least 7 hours at night and I only pump in the motn if I'm super uncomfortable, which I was last night. I woke up at 5 and LO wasn't awake yet, but I knew he would be soon. I pumped 2 ounces and he woke up right when I was done! Perfect timing! My body definitely seems to be adjusting to him sleeping through the night, I just wish it would go a little bit faster :)
  • No pumping at night - NO WAY! I am enjoying my sleep. Also, when I wake up I pump and get 15 oz. I feed my daughter an hour later and there's still plenty to satisfy her. Plus - pumping at night would create a terrible over supply and for what? She sleeps through and doesn't need that milk. I shouldn't be pumping in the morning before she wakes, but it's building a nice stock of extra in my freezer. I'm hoping that my body adjusts and makes LESS at night! I guess everyone is different. 
  • I do not pump at night.  I pump first thing in the morning and little one gets a bottle.  This helps build my stash because I pump twice as much as she eats in the morning. I will stop doing this when I go back to work and nurse her, and just pump at work.  It can definitely be a little uncomfortable on the days that she sleeps more but I am definitely not getting up when the baby sleeps.
  • Thanks everyone! She's settled back into a 5-6 hour sleep, which I'm still very happy with! I'm not pumping, but wearing folded muslin squares in my bra which seems to be saving the sheets, and it does seem to be evening out. I appreciate people's advice but there's no chance I'm waking up and sitting there with a pump stimulating more supply! I love my sleep! 
  • kaym6kaym6 member
    I don't want to wake up to pump but definitely have a fear my milk will just disappear. I know it doesn't work like that but I still panic  :|
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