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Water weight?

I am only 10 wks and 5 days pregnant and I workout at least 3-4 times a week but I'm fat. Is that just water weight?

Re: Water weight?

  • @nowakjamie6 Not that it helps, but I totally agree with you!  I'm 9w 2days and workout 6 days a week and I feel like a bloated blob.  Here's to the bumps coming soon! 
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  • it's bloat, & it's a part of pregnancy. no amount of working out is going to stop the bloat or weight gain. 
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  • your body is changing to support the baby. the bump and weight gain are not all baby. 
  • Your body is changing. First tri consists of lots of bloating. Everyone is different and not all weight gain is the same. Water weight, extra blood, placenta, etc these all contribute to your weight. As long as your doc is not concerned  then you should not worry. Eat healthy and stay with your workout limits approved my your doc. The goal is a healthy mama and baby. 

    I was 110 lb @ 5'2" prepregnancy. Not really a work out or diet  person but I never liked gaining too much weight. Here I am now at 152 (my body hurts!) soon to deliver with a healthy big boy. Some say I'm all baby. I was unable to do much physical activity for majority of my pregnancy due to bedrest.

    So don't focus on the number if you don't have to. Your body will change regardless of what you do. Everyones pregnancy is different so don't compare. Come second tri you'll be sporting a wonderful baby bump. 
  • Does bloating ever go down or does it stay throughout the whole prgnancy
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