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Headbands on babies

On Easter, I put a headband bow (of modest size) on my daughter. When I took it off after service, there was a red mark around her head (like there would be with a cuff on a sock.) Is this normal? It didn't appear that the band was too tight when I put it on, and she never complained about it. Any looser, and they slide down into her eyes.
I now am skittish about putting anything on her head. Any moms that like to accessorize, please tell me your thoughts!
(And I know in the scheme of things, this is trivial.)

Re: Headbands on babies

  • I have wondered this exact thing. All of LO's headbands seem to leave a red mark, so I have stopped putting them on her. They don't seem to bother her, but I hate seeing a red mark on my baby. Now, I just put head wraps on her for the most part. I love the head wraps because they're made of soft, stretchy fabric. They stay on her head just fine, but don't leave any mark. She has a lot of hair, so I can also clip little bows in. Here's a photo of one of her little wraps. I made a bunch of them before she was born in varying fabrics and sizes. Or, you can buy them. They're all over the place on Etsy. Plus, this is just a fun excuse to show off LO and my mom! It was taken on LO's first camping trip.

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  • I love putting bows on Brynlee, but most do leave a slight red mark. I think it's ok? Although I did have a doctor suggest that she not wear them while feeding because there is a nerve at the base of the skull that if pinched (say by a headband) can affect the baby's ability to suck. I haven't looked into it, and clearly plenty of girls wear them, plus my baby is definitely eating, so I'm not sure how legitimate the concern would be...

    Side note, I need to find a way to pay for my headband addiction. Lol
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  • I like ones with a thicker band, they seem to leave less of a mark.  I made a bunch like this for Kylie 
  • There's been a couple from one particular set that I bought for Lucy that left some red marks. So, now I always break them in first by wearing them on my own head! I know my skull, head and hair make everything on my head more comfortable than on her little baby head but I also feel like it stretches them out a little so they're not so tight on her head. I love them on her too much to stop!! 

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    I am a headband junkie. Laramie's elastic headbands are starting to leave a red mark. But I have found that the wider bands and lace bands don't leave a red mark. Sometimes I feel like the headband was too big then bam! They just fit!
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  • I love headbands too. Some brands do leave a slight red mark, which LO never seems to mind while wearing, but I don't like so I will only use certain bands if I know it's only going on her head for a short time like we're only going out for an hour or two for errands. I have a couple of bands from Carter's that are very soft and don't leave any market at all. These are my fave for a smaller band. I also like thicker bands and lace, like a pp mentioned. My mom bought a bunch of plain thick bands in different colors and crocheted flowers in all colors. I'm with @BarrettJ89 the addiction is real but I can't help it. But LO smiles it up in them so I'm thinking she's digging how cute they are too with me!  
  • Are any of you worried the headbands can misshape baby's head? My husband asked me because i always put headbands on our daughter who is 3 months old they are not tight by any means very stretchy not sure they even leave marks maybe unless I left it on all day then maybe. I said I don't think they have any effect on her head shape their not tight enough to.  
  • kaym6kaym6 member
    As I boy mom I truly appreciate you attaching photos so I can see all your little beauties they're all so cute!!!  :)
  • @ShortStuff5 that honestly never crossed my mind. I really doubt they could do anything unless they were extremely tight and being worn constantly every single day in the same spot. If they are on her head a couple hours here and there and she has plenty of days without anything on, it really wouldn't be anything to worry about. I do think they should have lots of time without them since I personally can feel slight pressure on my head wearing loose ones that feels funny if I've worn it during a full 9 or 10 hour day.
  • Thanks, everybody, for your input. I am wondering if the band she wore on Easter was a little too small, and too thin. I have some thin bands from Carter's, and they slide into her eyes. I will look into nylon bands--I'm not a big fan of the crochet look. My girl has so much hair that it's starting to reach her eyes, so clips are going to be in heavy use, too. Here's a picture of Birdie in the offending Easter bow. (And don't worry--I was taking her out of the car seat after church--she wasn't hanging out in there.)
  • Some of our leave red marks too but like others we like the stretchy fabrics best :)
  • @kaym6 same here! I love my little man, but all these pictures make me a little jealous :)
  • I think it's generally fine for there to be a little redness, but consider what material the fabric is. Babies tend to have sensitive skin, so things with glitter or scratchier fabric may be more irritating. Most of the bows I put on my daughter are cotton and those don't seem to irritate her at all. 
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  • @ShortStuff5 I wouldn't be too concerned with a misshapen head. For one, the head bands would have to be really tight and on for a very long time. For two, if misshapen heads were caused by head bands, there would be a whole generation of girls with such problem. 

  • I am going to be honest, I have never understood headbands on babies for this reason. Headbands hurt my adult head- and mine isn't soft! It cannot be comfortable for them. And if it's leaving a mark, don't you think 'I am possibly making my baby uncomfortable and for what reason? So I think they look cute?' Just not worth it in my opinion. 

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  • I am going to be honest, I have never understood headbands on babies for this reason. Headbands hurt my adult head- and mine isn't soft! It cannot be comfortable for them. And if it's leaving a mark, don't you think 'I am possibly making my baby uncomfortable and for what reason? So I think they look cute?' Just not worth it in my opinion. 
    Same. I know some of them are made from soft stretchy fabric and I think that would be comfy but I've seen ones with glitter or a rough piece of fabric. Babies are cute enough.
  • We love our bows!
  • Diapers can leave red marks too! We certainly wouldn't go without them, and they don't seem to cause any discomfort let alone harm. My LO is a boy so we don't do bows, but I certainly understand why you girl mamas do!
  • Haha no. Diapers serve a purpose beyond making sure the world knows you have a cute baby girl. 

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