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1st Trimester

Has anyone had to go off work?

I was taken off work at 10 weeks 5 days for severe ms and a 20 pound weight loss. I'm supposed to return to work on the 20th. I am still very ill most of the day. Anyone having the same experience?

Re: Has anyone had to go off work?

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  • I know I'm out of left field here, but have you tried referring to your medical training or doctor for assistance? Desperate times and all.
  • My boss was super awesome about morning sickness (she had amazing accommodations made for her when she had her 2nd child and extends similar accommodations to us because of it) and let me leave early/work weird hours due to almost constant nausea and vomiting while I worked out a medication plan with my doctor.  Once my doctor found a plan that worked for me, I was back at work.  If you're concerned with the zofran your doctor prescribed and arent confident in your own medical training, talk to your doctor or the OBs you say you work with and figure something out to get you back to being functional.  

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