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1st Trimester

Lack of Energy - Need Suggestions!

Hey Ladies!

Looking for some suggestions on how to stay awake during the day. Besides already getting enough sleep every night, at the same time everyday between 12pm - 4pm I am so EXHAUSTED at work that I feel like I could just plop my head down and take a nap on my desk! Anyone drink or eat anything that gives them enough energy to get through the day? Fruits or veggies, maybe? Smoothies? ANYTHING?!

Thanks! :)

Re: Lack of Energy - Need Suggestions!

  • I am totally struggling with energy too. It's REALLY hard. By the time I get home from work, I almost feel too tired to eat, let alone make dinner. One thing that's been helpful to me is getting a little exercise after work. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but it is giving me more energy. I haven't figured out what to do during the day yet though. I also quit drinking caffeine, which isn't helping matters.

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  • @2015dee I've actually been thinking of doing that. I need to get into a bit of a exercise routine anyway. I will have to give that a try. You're right about the caffeine... I didn't think I'd miss my afternoon tea break so much! It's going to be a looooooongg 9 months! :)

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  • No need to quit caffeine if you don't want to. Up to 200 mg a day is safe. Also, exercising can help a bit. Also, second trimester. Try and hang in there :)

  • First tri for me was all about getting through and by my dr agreed and I kept caffeine as needed. Hang in there and I agree with @PinkLady2015 maybe go for a brisk walk over lunch or a bit of exercise to get a jolt :) 
  • During my first tri I was the same way. I gorged on fresh fruit. It gave me a lot of energy. It was even better when it was really cold! I'm in the 3rd tri now, and still do the same. Could not have survived this pregnancy without fresh fruit. Blueberries, watermelon, pineapple, cantelope, especially. 
  • Same here. If I get up and take a walk outside it gets better but once I'm back inside at my desk I'm exhausted again.
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  • I have been so tired all this week, like bone numbing exhaustion.. Need an energy secret to pick me up for sure! *yawn*
  • When I clicked on this thread, I was going to say "take a nap!" But I guess you're trying to avoid that. I still drank caffeine, I just kept it under 200mg.
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  • Taking a walk outside if the weather permits helped me a lot during first tri. Trying to keep up with exercise when I felt like it. I also had coffee around 2pm as needed.

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  • Lots of water can help a bit in case you are dehydrated, and definitely  exercise! A walk at lunch to re-energize you might help.
  • Oh my gosh this is me all over! And so unmotivated to do anything but sleep when I'm away from work! I'm going to start swimming (that's the plan anyway!)
  • I agree with the walking! I go for a brisk walk midday (maybe lunch break for you?) and it does wonders for my energy. Also I switched to decaf but I found that even sipping on that gives me energy. I think it's a placebo effect. Haha 
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  • Orange juice! I know we gotta watch the sugar so eating an orange would be ideal but I find having a small bottle of orange really helps take off the edge (for me the exhaustion is in the morning then restlessness in the evening).  I'm planning on starting to swim too but ya we'll see.
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  • My doctor recommended taking an iron supplement. It's helping so much!
  • Coffee. No need to cut it out 100%, just minimize it to under 200mg a day. Placebo effect also helps a bit if you're super concerned. I also chug COLD water when I need to wake myself up, along with cold fruits as a snack. Go for a short walk on a break or climb the stairs (if your place of employment has stairs) a couple times.

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