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  • @CarbAddict That is awful. I'm glad you're (mostly) ok!  Sounds like it could have been way worse. 
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  • @CarbAddict So glad you and LO are ok! I would be super pissed, did you scream at him? (Maybe I'm an overly angry person, even before pregnancy hormones, but that probably would have been what I did). Hope your neck feels better soon. 
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  • elenabrentelenabrent member
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    @CarbAddict that's terrifying! I'm glad you're okay! 

  • @CarbAddict So glad everyone is okay! 
  • @CarbAddict oh my god, so relieved everyone is all right! I hope your neck gets better -- take it easy mama.
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  • Hugs to you @CarbAddict !!
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  • @CarbAddict glad to hear you and baby are ok! Stupid teenager! I hope your neck feels better.
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  • @CarbAddict so scary! So so glad you are okay! Hope your whiplash isn't awful I suggest chiropractic and massage care if needed! 
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  • @CarbAddict so glad you and LO are okay. I third the motion for massage and/or visiting a chiropractor. You may not be sore now, but it can definitely kick in. Rest and feel better, momma!
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  • @CarbAddict oh my gosh! So glad you and LO are ok
  • kaylaa22kaylaa22 member
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    My bitch session... I'm sorry for creating the tone of negativity. It wasn't my intention, and I wasn't naming names, it was just an observation of what I had previously seen on this group toward other members. I do get overly sensitive, and tend to take things too personally, so if that is the case here then I am truly sorry for starting any drama between boards. I have been afraid to share my opinion to other's questions in the past out of fear of being chastised like I had seen, but it wasn't right of me to say anything. Blame the hormones I guess. Please forgive me? 
  • @Lindsayleigh1989 I have been a part of this group since November. I did edit my statement, and stated that I did so underneath said statement. I also just apologized. And owned up to what I said. I'm sorry again.
  • @CarbAddict Yikes! I'm sorry for your scare but so glad your and baby are okay. 
  • jwittwer said:
    @sboston06 third time was the charm for us, so I'm hoping it is for you as well. Buying a home is one of the most stressful things, and I admire you for dealing with the process while 6+ months pregnant. 

    My bitch- our effing directv cut out during the last 2 minutes of the NCAA frozen four hockey championship, so I missed seeing my alma mater hoist their 8th national championship trophy. 
    Go UND!! 
    Lurking from June....ND all the way! Granted, I'm across the border from Fargo, but still. We're Bison fans and yessssss UND!!
  • @pug loved tit for being rational 
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  • @CarbAddict I'm so sorry about that accident! I'd be pretty pissed off too. Glad you and that baby are ok!
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  • @CarbAddict yikes! Glad you and the babe are doing okay! Rest up!!
  • @MamaNicoleof3 yes!! We are first and foremost bison fans!! Our pregnancy announcement was using a little baby bison outfit haha! My husband went there. 
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  • @sboston06 Good luck with your offer, buying a home is so exciting/nerve wracking.

    @givemepenguinss My DD has been the same. She was throwing a fit the other day while I had my mom on FaceTime. When I put the camera on her, she immediately stopped, jumped up, and smiled at my mom.

    @CarbAddict Thank goodness you and baby are ok. Hope you are able to get the help you need for your neck ASAP.
  • Glad you and baby are fine @CarbAddict
  • @sboston06 hopefully this time you get your house! We were in escrow on two different houses. I know what a nightmare it can be! 

    @CarbAddict ugh! I hope everyone is ok! What a scary experiance! 

    @DarkCat I'm sorry your numbers are being assholes! I know June has a GD support thread, you may want to check that out, or even start one here! Hope your numbers start to stabilize soon! 

    @junebaby2015 we love it when you pop by! Sorry we get June's posts shut down ;) 
  • @Lindsayleigh1989 Yessss to hunger, there's just not enough food for me these days. 

    My bitch today is sharing a laundry room. CHANGE YOUR LAUNDRY SO OTHER PEOPLE CAN DO LAUNDRY GODDAMNIT. 
  • @stellaluna14 yes! That is one of my biggest pet peeves I just take it out and it put it on top now ;) 
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  • @Lindsayleigh1989 normally I would, but there's laundry in the washer, the dryer, on top of the dryer, and on my drying rack. Oh and like six full baskets. It's a madhouse down there! We own our house but we have roommates which is normally fine but DAMN I would kill to have my own laundry room and to not share a bathroom. 

  • Um, are we back to our regularly scheduled programming yet? I'm tired of random spats. You shit in your own damn yard. I'm not dealing with that mess.

    I truly wasn't trying to start anything. Just defending us :) 

    back to the normal programming now!!
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