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Tongue/oral aversion

We found out from the doc my son  (1y old) has a oral aversion with his tongue. He doesn't like textures or anything touching it so we are struggling with feeding solids. He shows a lot of interest in table food but when he tries to eat it he gags and throws up. At his point he only eats stage 2 baby food and  some puffs and yogurt bites. Any table food or stage 3 is a no go. We still nurse a lot so he is still good on weight. They have me trying  to brush his tongue with the toothbrush and force the spoon further in his mouth when he eats (right now he like to slurp the food off it and not let it touch his tongue.) has anyone else had any issues like this? Any additional suggestions to get him over this and start eating more?

Re: Tongue/oral aversion

  • I know a baby who had an oral aversion due to being a preemie and on a vent. Seeing an occupational therapist seemed to help. I would ask your pediatrician for a referral to see if he would qualify for services... It sounds like something that you'd want to address sooner rather than later. Good luck with everything!
  • A speech therapist would also be helpful.
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  • My little man was 3 months premature so his gestational age and size is a 1 year old right now but when we started on baby food he had the same issue. The doctor said for us to continually try every day with extremely small amounts. As he got older we were able to get him to eat the stage 1 foods. When he was starting to get teeth and the doctor said to start trying chunky baby food and table food he couldn't handle it and did the exact same thing your LO is doing. We tried every day for over a month before he finally excepted the chunky food. It was definitely a challenge but giving him a spoonful every day even if he gagged and threw up (which he did every single time for a month so i understand what youre going through) got him used to the textures. 
  • Thanks guys we are seeing a speech therapist so hopefully that will start helping. 
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