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Thank you gift for many hostesses?

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I'm a FTM, and the women at my church have graciously offered to host a baby shower for me. As far as I know, it has been a combined effort. I would like to thank them, but I'm struggling to come up with a way to do so. Does anyone have a suggestion? 

Re: Thank you gift for many hostesses?

  • Gift cards might be good if you know it's something they'll definitely use. I gave my hosts gift cards to JoAnn's (they're both into sewing). I also gave them each a nice handwritten card, which is always a good idea :smile:
  • I think for a church, club, or workplace situation where the shower is collectively thrown by a group, you don't need to get each person an individual thank you gift.  Especially if there are a BUNCH of people or if it's really hard to tell who did what.

    In that situation, you might think about posting a thank you card to the group in a prominent place and making or buying a tray of snacks/donuts/treats or something that can be placed in a central area and shared.

    If there's one prominent hostess, but everyone in the group/church/office chipped in, you can give the prominent hostess a separate card and gift in addition to the group thank-you.
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  • Does your church do a snack before/between/after service?  Like PP said, a tray of cookies is a great thank you for everyone.
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