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Weekly Check In 03/27

Let's get caught up and talk about the upcoming week! 

@twomommiestobe ; where are you?! Lol
I check almost daily but haven't posted due to the stress lately. Maybe we can take turns starting the weekly check ins? I am wondering how everyone is doing.


Anyone is free to join in and participate! If anyone you know might want to be active, feel free to tag them as well.

Copy and paste the following questions so we can get to know each other better! 

Status: (ttc, waiting/benched, pregnant, parent) Parent to now 16 week old, over 18 lb baby boy. :smile: 

What is happening this week? I return to work on Thursday and I am having serious anxiety. I do NOT want to leave my son and reconsidering becoming dare I say it, a SAHM. I'd rather be a working mom but my son needs me. I'm going to try to go back so I don,t wonder what if. Please pray my LO doesn't suffer through this transition.

Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc? Not yet.

How many kids do/did you want and why?

Re: Weekly Check In 03/27

  • How many kids do/did you want and why? I just realized I didn't answer my own question, lol. I used to want 4 due to really enjoying having a large family and loved being pregnant. However after having a high needs child, we now only want 1 more. :(

  • Status: (ttc, waiting/benched, pregnant, parent)  TTC - V's CD 1 was today (earlier than we expected).  We have one more cycle of unmedicated IUI before discussing additional options with our doctor.  We did not inseminate this most recent cycle for a number of reasons (I actually posted at length about this on the 2/29 thread), so we hope that this cycle is our lucky one!

    What is happening this week?  Not much in terms of TTC, although V does have a meeting with HR this week to see if she may delay her Personal Growth Leave (four additional weeks of paid time off earned by her company's employees after ten years of employment) until next year.  Her department has lost two employees in recent months, so we're hopeful to get those four more weeks of maternity leave for her if next year is our year to be Moms!

    Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc?  None at the moment.

    How many kids do/did you want and why?  I do not think we will have more than two, but perhaps once we have one, we'll decide that is enough! :wink: 
  • Status: TTC

    What is happening this week? 
    So we had our beta test on 3/26, it was a BFN. It was only our second IUI, but we have a consult with the doctor on Tuesday to see if we want to continue this route or be a little more aggressive. 

    Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc? Not really an lgbt question, so every month my period has been on day 28 never late never early. Well I'm 3 days late, but like I said we had a negative test. Has anyone had issues like this. Could the blood test have been wrong?

    How many kids do/did you want and why?we want just 2 kids I think. One from each of us. 
  • Status: (ttc, waiting/benched, pregnant, parent): pregnant 6 weeks, 3 days 
    What is happening this week? I'm travelling this week for work and finding it exhausting, complete with evening sickness (my version of morning sickness...). We're looking forward to our first appointment on Monday with the OB and I'll also be seeing an acupuncturist that day too for help w/ my insomnia. 
    Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc? Well, we haven't yet told our parents that we're pregnant and are wondering how they will react to the news. they're generally very supportive, but you never can tell.
    How many kids do/did you want and why? 2-3. It would be nice to have siblings. Thinking about 2 for now, but perhaps we'll want another down the line...
  • Status: (ttc, waiting/benched, pregnant, parent) Benched temporarily.  Still recovering from our loss, taking one day at a time. 

    What is happening this week? On the flip side and with a drastic change of events, I've been working diligently this week to hopefully welcome my baby sister to our home.  My "wild child" father battling cancer had a baby in June in the Dominican Republic.  We have since been trying to convince her mother to give full custody to my father so that he (meaning myself and my wife) can care for her here in the US to give her better opportunities.  Her mother unfortunately cannot provide for her without my father fully supporting the both of them and her health care has not been the greatest over there.  

    Anyway, my sister is now 9 months old and while we are mourning the loss of our little one, we are painting, prepping and building cribs and baby things... (not sure if it has been therapeutic or a welcomed distraction).  I've also been getting all of the arrangements together for my SILs baby shower that is just a couple of weeks away.  And did anyone mention the tax deadline is vastly approaching?  Don't know when I will get around to that, hopefully before April 18th lol.

    Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc? None right not.

    How many kids do/did you want and why? 2 (1 more if we end up with custody and care of my baby sister).
    ME: 28  Wife: 28
    Together since June 2005 - Married May 2015 - TTC since July 2015
    Dx: PCOS and Donor Sperm

    **Trigger Warning**
    08/2015 at home IUI = BFN
    IUI #1 - 11/2015 - 50MG Clomid + 100MG Clomid + Ovidrel = BFN
    IUI #2 - 12/2015 - 100MG Clomid + 150MG Clomid + Ovidrel = BFP (Miscarried @ 13w3d)
    IUI #3 - 07/2016 - 100MG Clomid + Ovidrel = BFN
    IUI #4 - 08/2016 - 100MG Clomid + Ovidrel = ???

  • @angelicac06 Thinking of you lots as you prepare for your return to work on Thursday.  I hate that you have to make this transition before you're ready.

    @vnegron87 Best wishes with acquiring custody of your baby sister!  I'm still thinking of you and your wife a lot and am happy to hear of these positive happenings for you as you take a break from TTC.
  • BlakelyaBlakelya member
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    Status: (ttc, waiting/benched, pregnant, parent): TTC
    What is happening this week? Our first - and hopefully ONLY - FET is scheduled for tomorrow!!! nervesnervesnerves...
    Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc? We're hanging in there for now
    How many kids do/did you want and why? Ah, an ongoing debate. We've tabled that convo for now for the sake of focusing on getting ONE here for now. I think K would be happy with one, but I was an only child until my parents had a *surprise* when I was 15, so I'm kind of thinking it would be nice to have a sibling or two around. I'd like to have my turn at carrying eventually so we'll see.

    @vnegron87 whoa, sounds like some maybe big changes coming! Whether welcome distraction or fully therapeutic, I say relish in the positive stuff :) good for the soul.

    @ahager0417 K's AF always showed up before the tww was up, so not an experience we had. But riding that kind of unknown while feeling disappointed and unsure is sucky, good luck. We and our RE opted to move for a more aggressive route after 3 IUIs, either way you'll find the plan that works.
  • @vnegron87 I'm sorry to hear of your loss! Good luck with custody as well.

    @ahager0417 Blood tests can be wrong if they're done too early. It could also be a chemical pregnancy. I was once 5 days late when TTC and it was even more disappointing than normal. I also had very regular cycles.

    Status: (ttc, waiting/benched, pregnant, parent): Parent; my daughter is 7 weeks old

    What is happening this week? Trying to meet up with other new moms and going through the second leap (wonder weeks) with my baby so she's cranky

    Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc? As always, PM me if you want IUI advice!

    How many kids do/did you want and why? 2 max, if my wife can get pregnant with #2. She has PCOS so it might be difficult. I've had a horrible recovery and my vagina will never be the same so I'm not going to get pregnant again.
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  • Ahhh sorry! I've been so busy and stressed and I slacked off. Anyone can feel free to post! Mondays became apot day and it was crazy the last few weeks. 

    Status: (ttc, waiting/benched, pregnant, parent): Pregnant. A little over 10 weeks!

    What is happening this week? I have my final RE app and my first OB appt! 

    Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc? We announced on Facebook the other day. We only had one person say something inappropriate (for lack of a better word). A former guy coworker said "umm well how did this happen". We said we did ivf! He thought it was funny, but I'm so not in the mood for that crap. I'm just worried that now that the word is out, we will be dealing with morons for a while. The "who is the mom" crap.  

    How many kids do/did you want and why? ok, we THOUGHT we would have 1 then adopt 2. Now, Dw wants to carry so we thought we would have 2 then adopt 1. But that leaves us with an extra frozen egg  (we have 2). I can't just leave that one!!! Lol so we will probably have 3 then eventually adopt 1 later if we can! Lol

    RE DX for me: Anovulatory cycles/Mild PCOS  RE DX for DW: Endometrioma on left Ovary.
    Reciprocal Ivf Feb 2016. DW eggs and I am carrying. EDD: 10/27/16

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  • Status: parenting and ttc

    What's happening this week? We have about 3 days before we take our first hpt. Despite the sudden change in plans on insem day and practicalities leading to less than perfect follow through, I'm actually feeling positive about it all - whatever the result. I know that we are going to get pregnant. Whenever that happens, we still have a bright, happy, healthy toddler and I still have my amazing partner.

    Any lgbt questions,  advice,  problems, etc? @angelicac06 I know how you feel. Little S is almost 15 months and it sucks to leave her and go to work. @ahager0417 I don't have any experience with blood tests but I know that the levels of hCG can differ between women.  It's still possible you just don't have detectable levels in your blood yet (although it's less likely than with a urine test) Was your Ovulation tracked? If it wasn't, it could be that your dates are wrong. Either way, a delay in a usually regular period is something to keep an eye on. If you haven't got your period after a few days, test again (perhaps just with a sensitive urine test - you can always get a positive confirmed with bloodwork after). And if it's negative and your period still hasn't arrived, perhaps talk to your healthcare provider. @vnegron87 it's good to hear from you. Best wishes for everything to move quickly so that you can get your sister settled in the best environment for her. Keep us up to date. @Blakelya Good luck and Fingers crossed for the best possible outcome. @twomommiestobe  we had a fair few "how did this happen?" comments in the early days - thankfully,  most of them weren't malicious. Just ill informed and tactless. I usually answered them with a playful variation on "call the Vatican. It's another immaculate conception.” They usually thought to rephrase their question more sensitively after that.

    QOTW: I always dreamed of a large family. Familys of 5+ were the norm in the area I was born in - being a coal town. My mother being the youngest of 8 and most of her siblings having 4+ kids, It seemed natural to me to want a large family. Based on financial reality though, it will probably be 2 (unless one of us has a significant increase in earnings)
  • Status: TTC!!

    What is happening this week? 
    We are 4dpt and the TWW is going to kill me.  I'm trying so hard not to invent "symptoms" and all I really want to do is scrounge the internet for information on what the emby could be doing right now.  Silly, I know...

    Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc? I've been feeling especially anti-social the last little while so by limiting my outside interactions, I've limited my contact with the morons in the area :wink: 

    How many kids do/did you want and why? Originally I wanted 3 or 4 but as time has gone by we really think 2 will be plenty for us!

  • Status: 7 weeks

    What is happening this week? 
    We had our first appointment with the ob yesterday, and everything is looking good! LO's size is in line with our insem date, and we got to see the heartbeat. Super exciting. Only bad news was that I have a huge ovarian cyst, which isn't dangerous but means I need to restrict my activity

    Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc? We told our parents yesterday and were very surprised with a positive response. One side wanted to know a lot about the donor's characteristics, which was well-intentioned and expected, but everyone was so excited that it didn't seem negative at all.

  • I hope everyone is doing well this week.  My wife and I had to put our 10-year-old cat to sleep earlier this week after months of medicating him for congestive heart failure.

    I'm thinking of all of you at whatever stage in your journeys you're in.  I'll be back soon.

  • @VL2016 I'm so sorry about losing your cat  :( 
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